Friday faves–short and sweet!

Friday faves–short and sweet!

20150116-083758-31078962.jpg1.) THIS WEATHER!!!  Let’s start with the obvious…this weather is such a gift!  55 degrees here for the next few days.  Love it~ and so does Landon because he finally gets to try out his new bike he got for Christmas.

20150116-083821-31101388.jpg2.)  Basketball Buddies.  This is seriously the cutest thing ever.  I’ve loved it when my kids were the “little” buddy and I love it even more now that they are the “big” buddy.  These notes!  So precious.  And I love how they spelled Natalie’s name.  After reading through those letters, I believe Nat needs to have them over for a little Frozen Karaoke night…

20150116-083841-31121181.jpg3.)  SEVEN.  Chapter one is done and in the books, so they say.  We met for the first time yesterday and I loved hanging out with friends, sipping coffee, and talking about the book.  I KNOW I love that more than the book.  🙂  BUT, this book is good, so far.  The first chapter is about food.   We have decided to read a chapter one week, discuss the next week,  put that chapter into practice (however that looks for each of us individually) and discuss the next week.  And so forth as we move through the book.  I am excited!!!  And for me, just so you can all hold me accountable, I am not eating ANYTHING after 7:00 pm for this next week.  So if you see me at basketball games and I’m sneaking a piece of popcorn at 7:09—please stop me.

20150116-083920-31160844.jpg4.)  SCONES.  Oh my, the scones.  All I can say is these are the easiest, yummiest, funnest recipe to make ever.  Read all about them and get the recipe:


5.)  Dog Tricks.  Please don’t make fun of me and my voice talking to our dog like she has just taken her first step as a toddler.  But dang it.  I am so proud of her…  ha ha!  🙂  Actually, Kourtney has been working very hard with Brinklee to get her to do roll over.  Basically, what it comes down to, this dog will do anything for some chicken.  I can’t wait until she starts doing the laundry…




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