am I willing?

am I willing?

20150121-074039-27639711.jpgBabies coming into this world kept me away from Sunday morning worship with my family this past week.  But, pictures speak a thousand words, as you know.

I am willing.

I am not sure what the message was.  Between sickness and schedules and overall craziness over here, we have not had the opportunity to really talk.  Can you believe it?

20150121-074055-27655187.jpgBut I can tell you my take away in looking at these pictures and this charge given.

The question begs to ask…am I willing to love my neighbor?  Am I willing to love my enemy?  Am I willing to share with others the gift of Jesus in my life?  Am I willing to live my life in a way that makes Jesus known to all the world?  Am I willing to help those in need?  Am I willing to stand up for what is right?  Am I willing to be persecuted for what I believe to be true?  Am I willing to live differently?

Am I willing?



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  1. Just saw this on Kourtney’s hand. Haven’t asked her about it yet because she is concentrating on fractions right now 🙂

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