Friday faves


1.) I can so relate!! Fellow night shifters, if this doesn’t crack you up…


(Wonder if Steve and kids would agree?–ha!)

2.). Two years. It’s been two years since our “Journey” began. Unreal.


3.). Have you been here? I have. With many, many things in my life. And this just spoke to me…


4.) You probably know by now how much I love conferences. I seriously love them. I get to dress in normal people clothes–no scrubs or yoga pants. Eat food I didn’t prepare. Forget about laundry, clean floors and bathrooms. Let someone else make the bed!! And at Mary & Martha conferences in particular, surround myself in the like-minded ness of loving God and loving others. It’s a motivational and spiritual and worshipful experience all rolled into one.


5.) From early on my goal in Mary & Martha was to become a leader and qualify for the leadership conference. And I have been blessed to be attending my 2nd one. But more then that, I got to bring two of my team members as leaders this year. So, so very sweet…


Linking up with Andrea and friends…


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