let’s chat!


I have a lot to chat about after a full weekend of Mary and Martha!! I really don’t know where to start?

However you did hear of our sale that’s happening right this very minute–right?


Many of you have already taken advantage of these super deals and now the PIe Plate is SOLD OUT!!

But there are some awesome things still available. Check them out!


Some of you may be wondering about the business and ministry. We were given the charge that if you are all about ministry—this would not be the business for you. And if you are all about business, this might not be the business for you. HOWEVER, if you are about combining business and ministry—this is the perfect business for you!!!! I loved this.


I am devoting my February days to talking and meeting with all who would like to hear about this business and ministry. It’s been so fun to connect with those who have been contemplating and I’ll be taking baskets of the new product to each meeting I have. I am so, so excited about this. If you would like a “sponsoring chat” with me about this business and ministry—don’t hesitate to connect with me and let’s chat…

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