Friday faves…

Friday faves…


1.) Just when I needed it most, wouldn’t you know a devotion with my Mary & Martha team and life verse. A gift this week for sure.


2.) A freshly coifed pooch. However, she misbehaves during grooming. I am seriously embarassed each and every time I pick her up.

Think of a dog “screaming”…


3.) We have started ordering from Walmart online with a doorstep delivery. It seriously rocks. All of those necessities? Delivered to your door and no chance to buy something you really don’t need.


4.) The prayer wall on display at the Mary & Martha home office. These are dreams each of us have that the home office staff prays for on a wall to see each time someone passes through. That is awesome.




5.) My girls do NOT like to be told they look like either Steve or I. I think it is quite funny when I receive texts like these. Ha!!




6.) Not sure this could describe me any better.




7.) When Dad cooks. Need I say more?


8.) Some of my peeps. Just because.

Linking up with Andrea and friends.


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