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Friday faves


1.) The help. Landon loved the Women’s Fair. Begged to go each day. I’m not sure why, but I think it was because of this corn dog.

2.) The Happy place. My girls can not get enough of these kiddos.


3.) Grandparents. I am in love with this picture of Steve’s dad listening to kids at the invention fair. Priceless. Between all of our parents, it was made possible for me to join Steve on his business trip.

4.) I’ll admit. I was struggling when I found out the invention fair was THE day we were leaving. But remember–the grandparents? (See #3). Landon looks like he handled it all just fine!


5.) Hyvee. It’s how I spent a part of my day. Basically just looking around. Why is that so fun for me? And why oh why do we not have one of these stores in our area?


6.) Nuval scores. Ever heard of them? Simply the nutritional value assigned to food. I love this! The higher number the better. I spent a very long time looking at Nuval scores in Hyvee. It’s the only grocery store I know that does this. Oh my it was fun. Am I weird? 😉


7.) This is happening next week. Substate basketball. Regular season play is over. How did that happen so fast? This is going to be so fun!

“coffee for my heart”…needed more than I know.


Coming off a super weekend of connecting with women you would think I would be energized and ready to take on the world.

I have to confess. Most of my Monday was spent in tears. Our morning at home did not start off well. Kids were grouchy. I was not prepared for a new week like normal after being gone. Laundry was piled–some dirty and some clean–no one could decipher. I have been in such a good place in keeping “order” and the weekend through me off. Big time.

I did my normal Monday routine with Mary & Martha. Got on my conference call and coaching call. And I’m so glad I did. I was encouraged to take some time with Holley Gerth. And I am so thankful I did.


I had drug my feet on traveling with Steve this week for a quick overnight business trip. Our family came through in taking care of the kids–and honestly I had no reason not to go. I have had hours of intentional book study. In a book I so love. You can read it over and over and always take away something new. I’ve been catching a few chapters in between some “working Power Hours” with Mary & Martha…


I have needed TRUTH. I have seen Holley Gerth use a hashtag #coffeefortheheart. Man, I love that.

Beginning March 1, we have some amazing Dayspring specials offered through Mary & Martha. About four different bundles. But my favorite is the Holley Gerth bundle. It will bless you bundles—I promise! 😉


Despite piles of dirty laundry and a grouchy start to the week…

and we made his day…


Celebrating more lasts this week… and I’ve gotta say—the Invention Fair is not one I’m gonna miss.

Don’t get me wrong. It is an AWESOME event for the older elementary students. But mercy–it has caused stress with each of our kids.

So Steve and Landon obviously wanted to come up with something that is of interest to Landon. Natalie did an ever so creative jewelry holder her year–ha!

After brief discussion realizing most all basketball apparatuses have already been invented–they came up with something to do with fish and aerating. I don’t really get it. But what I DID get was his disappointment in Steve bringing fake fish for his demonstration today. Until…


Dad came through for him. And the boy is pumped. I am not keeping those fish. I already know what’s going through that head of his.


You’ve gotta admit—real fish are a little more exciting.

What I learned from my weekend “away”…


1.)Life goes on without mom at home.


2.) Thankful for team members to relieve me for a few hours and sharing Mary & Martha in an awesome way.


3.) Men come to the Women’s Fair too? I even had one sign up for our giveaway—first guy sign up ever (besides trying to boost their wives chances of winning). I told him he would make the national Mary & Martha news if he had a gathering….no news on that yet. 😉

4.) My new addiction and lunch of choice all weekend. Find it at Fresh Market!!


5.) As fun as it is to set up, meet new people, share the business , and sell products, by 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon—packing up is exhilarating.


6.) Little did customers know, but I would have sold off my whole booth for a REALLY good deal to help in the tear down process…(next time hit me up at the show end!!)


7.) Truly a family business. Landon made his way through every vendor. He was sold on absolutely everything everyone was offering. Fortunately, we had no room in our vehicles to buy anything more than some summer sausage and cheese. This was a workout…


8.) But worth it to sit down and eat. And rub it in the girls’ faces who were at home due to other “obligations” as they searched the kitchen for food…



Friday faves..


1.) Dad coaches. Not every child appreciates being coached by their dad. But not the case for Kourtney. She loves it. Not always does she love what he says to her–such as “get your head in the game” –courtesy of High School Musical. 😉







2.) You just gotta have fun. Children’s Ministry is a tricky thing. It’s easy to get in a rut doing the same thing over and over each week. So we decided since it was the weekend of LOVE last weekend, and our Life App for the month is KINDNESS and Jesus himself does love and kindness better than anyone else…well, it was time for a party! And we scored half price Valentine party supplies!


3.) The Sunday table.


4.) Do you love a KU girl? This shirt made me laugh. And made me want one. (I didn’t order it…yet!)




5.) Elementary school music programs. Where kids are over the top excited to sing. And sadly, it was our last.



6.) Uncle Sam. Not much more to say than you really need to get your kids one.


7.) Wichita Women’s Fair starts TODAY! Come see us in the Mary & Martha booth. Mention this blog and get 20% off your entire purchase!


8.) No truer words.

Happy Friday!

Linking up with Andrea and friends.

friday faves.

friday faves.

FridayFavoriteslinking up with Andrea and friends…


1.)  Brett and Tracy are BACK!!!  This is how it goes–I get excited for my drive home from work in the mornings because of these two.  I grab my coffee and a breakfast bar and I love every minute of my drive home.  It’s awesome.  And I am pumped they are back to keep me company in the morning. If you’re local, it’s “The Q-92″  92.3 FM.  I might even start picking up more night shifts…  😉


2.)  This is truth right here.  So many women have spoken truth to me lately–and this I love.  This is one thing we as women have to work hard on–or at least I do.  To quit projecting what we think others may be saying to us by words or actions.  To be confident in who we are.  Remembering that there is ONE who loves us just who we are, despite mistakes and disappointments.  Hard to teach something I want my girls (and Landon) to know when it’s so hard myself.


3.)  I am just PLUM PUMPED for next weekend.  However, I’m not doing a very good job in my preparation.  I have it all up in my head, but as some point I’m going to need to actually DO what needs to be done.  If you’re going to the Wichita Women’s Fair next week, stop by the Mary & Martha booth and say “HI!”.  I will have a 25% off discount just for you…


4.)  Wow.  I couldn’t love this more.  And don’t you just love that quote– “the Power of the Living Room?”  To me, this just fully encompasses what Mary & Martha is as a business and ministry.  And even who they were as characters in the bible anticipating and serving and worshiping Jesus.


 5.)  Yoplait Greek Whips.  Best yogurt ever.  And only 100 calories of sweetness and love and calcium.

6.) This. Because it’s one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile. Are you ready for swim suit season???😉


suffering and eggs—it’s biblical



Those who know me well, know I despise eggs. In fact, I can barely hard boil eggs–I do it so infrequently. My kids’ eyes light up when they see I’ve made them eggs–whether fried, boiled, in omelets or casseroles. Sad. I know. However–eggs are delicious when used to make cakes, cookies, brownies, or our yummy homemade ice cream ( best recipe ever here).

So…this morning I have felt strongly that I need to dig in to the book of Job as we have a sermon series coming up. As part of our worship team, we are formulating thoughts for worship and all I know of Job is suffering. The first thought that comes to mind. For the record–Job is so much more than suffering. Have you ever done a study on it?

Back to the eggs. I found a verse in Job about eggs!! And I can totally relate to eggs and suffering. Because that’s what I would be doing if someone were to make me eat one. So I read this. And I laughed. God has a sense of humor with me. Even in the midst of suffering.

“Don’t people complain about unsalted food? Does anyone want the tasteless white of an egg? My appetite disappears when I look at it; I gag at the thought of eating it!” Job 6:6-7

And to that I say AMEN!

Show me.


There are things I don’t want to do. I fight it tooth and nail and am sometimes irrational, to say the least. I sometimes don’t want to see beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes, I just want to be left alone. And then–while clutching tightly to what is familiar, I figure out why I have been thrusted in to a place of discomfort.

I need to be shown. I need to be shown so I am thankful for my health and ability to do all the things I want to do–even the things I don’t want to do.

Thankful to realize the extreme gift of having four kids without illness. Whether it’s something chronic or debilitating–Steve and I are not spending the night with a sick child in the hospital.

We are not sitting here wondering how to adapt to a change in either of our ability to live out each day with little or no issue.

I need to be shown every once in awhile, that there really is nothing I should be complaining about.

I just need to sit and realize…