the chore is the gift.



I cried today.

Already before 8:00 am.

Today, it became real.  I was convicted.

The mornings getting ready for school are so crazy at our house.  Today, for instance, were band lessons for the older two before school started.  So, instead of a possible ride for Landon to the elementary school, it was going to be me having to get out in this icky, cold wind.  I know that on Wednesday mornings, this is what it will be.  And sometimes, I dread it.

But today?  I took the extra long way to school.  We had some extra time because today was a day that Landon could hardly wait to get to school.  You see, it’s Wildcat Day in our school land.  And I must say, it is one of the coolest things our school district does.  You can read all about last year’s Wildcat Day here. 

So, we began talking about some really deep issues.  Like “so, when do you think you are going to die, Mom?”  WHAT?!  Not exactly the ‘send you off to school and oh by the way, have a great day!’ conversation as you drop off.  Obviously, this conversation could have gone in many different directions.  But, for us this morning, it went in the direction of what we are supposed to do with each of our days as we are all called to shine the light of Jesus.

Today, it was as if God took a big old 2 x 4 and nailed me over the head with it.  As if to say…

“Steph—I am giving you this gift.  Many mornings of the week.  You are right where you are supposed to be so see it for what it is.  Time you will not ever get back.  And please, please, please—make the most of every precious moment.”

Not every day am I going to be able to drop this boy off.  And that is one of the responsibilities our girls have in the privilege of driving our car each and every day.  Sometimes we are going to need you to help out.  Some mornings I am driving back from the hospital.  Some mornings I may not feel like it.

But from today on, I know God is telling me that this chore is really a gift.



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