and He showed up–at 5:00 am

and He showed up–at 5:00 am

I’m not going to pretend that having people in my home, trying out new recipes, and talking about Mary & Martha isn’t a huge love of mine. In fact–sometimes I question if I should just be doing weekly coffees with different groups of people. I seriously LOVE it.

I am one of those who will try something new each and every time. This one single trait of mine could put my own Mom over the edge. The one I learned from, the one I watched and helped bake and cook. She doesn’t stray from what is good. And her stuff IS good. But that gets a bit boring for me. You know the stuff I already know is good…



So unfortunately AND fortunately—you never know what you may get. A hit or a miss. I’ve had both. Each time. Pinterest rarely fails me—but it has. 😉

The hits and the misses are all done in love, I promise. This morning, I am excited not knowing who may show up at my table. In fact, if you’re around and in the area–drop in! I’ll keep the coffee coming…


As much fun as it is, there are times I wonder. I wonder is this what I should be doing? Is Mary & Martha what I should be introducing to people? Beautiful products that are message based and God -breathed? Teaching about our mission—to LIVE in the “&”…


And believe me, I am in prayer A LOT about this very thing. Is this where you want me, God?


And then what do you know? He shows up in a very BIG way in my inbox bright and early this morning. Not that he isn’t there every morning through my K-love email. However, to wake up to my Mary & Martha Team Trust verse? Well, I was so excited, the 5:00 am alarm was nothing. I am right where I am supposed to be. He has shown me in many ways—but this affirmed it.

What a sweet, sweet gift. This was no coincidence. Not even maybe. His timing is perfection.


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