What I learned from my weekend “away”…


1.)Life goes on without mom at home.


2.) Thankful for team members to relieve me for a few hours and sharing Mary & Martha in an awesome way.


3.) Men come to the Women’s Fair too? I even had one sign up for our giveaway—first guy sign up ever (besides trying to boost their wives chances of winning). I told him he would make the national Mary & Martha news if he had a gathering….no news on that yet. 😉

4.) My new addiction and lunch of choice all weekend. Find it at Fresh Market!!


5.) As fun as it is to set up, meet new people, share the business , and sell products, by 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon—packing up is exhilarating.


6.) Little did customers know, but I would have sold off my whole booth for a REALLY good deal to help in the tear down process…(next time hit me up at the show end!!)


7.) Truly a family business. Landon made his way through every vendor. He was sold on absolutely everything everyone was offering. Fortunately, we had no room in our vehicles to buy anything more than some summer sausage and cheese. This was a workout…


8.) But worth it to sit down and eat. And rub it in the girls’ faces who were at home due to other “obligations” as they searched the kitchen for food…




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