“coffee for my heart”…needed more than I know.


Coming off a super weekend of connecting with women you would think I would be energized and ready to take on the world.

I have to confess. Most of my Monday was spent in tears. Our morning at home did not start off well. Kids were grouchy. I was not prepared for a new week like normal after being gone. Laundry was piled–some dirty and some clean–no one could decipher. I have been in such a good place in keeping “order” and the weekend through me off. Big time.

I did my normal Monday routine with Mary & Martha. Got on my conference call and coaching call. And I’m so glad I did. I was encouraged to take some time with Holley Gerth. And I am so thankful I did.


I had drug my feet on traveling with Steve this week for a quick overnight business trip. Our family came through in taking care of the kids–and honestly I had no reason not to go. I have had hours of intentional book study. In a book I so love. You can read it over and over and always take away something new. I’ve been catching a few chapters in between some “working Power Hours” with Mary & Martha…


I have needed TRUTH. I have seen Holley Gerth use a hashtag #coffeefortheheart. Man, I love that.

Beginning March 1, we have some amazing Dayspring specials offered through Mary & Martha. About four different bundles. But my favorite is the Holley Gerth bundle. It will bless you bundles—I promise! 😉


Despite piles of dirty laundry and a grouchy start to the week…


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