Friday faves


1.) The help. Landon loved the Women’s Fair. Begged to go each day. I’m not sure why, but I think it was because of this corn dog.

2.) The Happy place. My girls can not get enough of these kiddos.


3.) Grandparents. I am in love with this picture of Steve’s dad listening to kids at the invention fair. Priceless. Between all of our parents, it was made possible for me to join Steve on his business trip.

4.) I’ll admit. I was struggling when I found out the invention fair was THE day we were leaving. But remember–the grandparents? (See #3). Landon looks like he handled it all just fine!


5.) Hyvee. It’s how I spent a part of my day. Basically just looking around. Why is that so fun for me? And why oh why do we not have one of these stores in our area?


6.) Nuval scores. Ever heard of them? Simply the nutritional value assigned to food. I love this! The higher number the better. I spent a very long time looking at Nuval scores in Hyvee. It’s the only grocery store I know that does this. Oh my it was fun. Am I weird? 😉


7.) This is happening next week. Substate basketball. Regular season play is over. How did that happen so fast? This is going to be so fun!

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