let’s fill some baskets!



Easter is just a few weeks away. Do you know what’s going in your baskets?

Easter is my very favorite day to celebrate!! What an awesome gift of eternal life we have been given–such a celebration that Easter morning! Can you imagine finding the tomb empty? Knowing Jesus was now alive after mourning his brutal death?

I love to fill Easter baskets. I love to sing the Easter songs from Miss PattyCake when our kids were little—and thanks to our children’s ministry–I can still sing them to kids. šŸ˜‰. The hope of new life all around as Spring is beginning to appear. Oh– I can hardly wait!


At Mary & Martha, we have some beautiful gifts for kiddos. Books, puzzles, magnets–all with the message of Jesus’ love. Amazing gifts that are meaningful…


Do you know how much my kids love Easter baskets? They do. What do you do for for your tweens, teens and college students? I have some really cool ideas!


Every daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and woman needs words from Holley Gerth in their lives. We’ve got you covered!




Karen Kingsbury has changed my Natalie’s life. An author she absolutely loves when I thought she would never learn the love of reading.

I would be very happy to help you fill some baskets! So much fun…


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