the birds are pumped!


Know what this means? The process of saying goodbye boots. It’s hard for me. It really is. But boots and 80 degrees feels funny to me. But so does March and flip flops. Oh the struggle! It is much like the same as it is as we step into October. How I love we get all of the seasons where we live…

As we walked early this morning you could hear the birds chirping and you know spring is in the air. Steve said “the birds are pumped!” And so am I. The ending of basketball is always the first sign of spring. And we LOVE it when the beginning of spring is extended a week because of a state basketball trip!! What an awesome week we had!


Awesome that these sophomores and freshman got a taste. You know what a taste of something sweet will do?



So spring is here. And I have a blank canvas to start the week…


Goodbye boots. Goodbye winter decor.
Hello spring!!

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