Friday faves…spring break edition



1.) Game Nights–Apples to Apples is pretty funny. We are not huge board game people–but every once in awhile we can convince 6 people to gather around for a game. Every once in awhile… Let it be known, this makes the youngest two of our family VERY happy.

2.) Movie Nights–TopGun. So we had to introduce the kids to a classic in our time. And then we realized we needed to censor much more than we thought. My girls wanting to see movies because of the “guy” –well…I once again, can relate. Tom Cruise may or may not have been the reason I loved this movie so much when I was in high school…
br />

3.) Family Dinner Nights. Shopping with my girls also helped me to realize the effectiveness of shopping solo. By the time it was said and done, we were making P.F. Chang's in our own home. Steve commented "and think how much cheaper this is than going out". I'm not so sure.


4.) Building forts. Complete with a mattress out in the middle of a field.



5.) The Tiered Server from Mary & Martha is my new FAVE!! I am loving a place to put my fruit!



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