friday faves on a monday…


1.) Pretty sure Chase would not want me plugging him here in my little corner of the world. But my goodness…I am SO impressed by this cousin of Steve’s I have only heard about (and maybe met a long time ago). The whole family can sing, play instruments, you name it. I want them to be my neighbors. The girls and Landon were captivated by his piano playing. (ok, I admit–I was too) We tried our best to bring him to central Kansas–but I don’t think we got anywhere. Landon has been asking me about different chords on the piano ever since the visit. I am hoping maybe that same gene is in him too! 😉

2.) Texas cousins–maybe made a bigger impact on the kids than anything else?

Too bad we didn’t get more pics.

3.)  Track workouts at the hotel. I know this was a fave of the girls’.  (Smile)  But seriously, how perfect to have a quarter mile track on the outside but surrounded and protected by the hotel complex.  Those track workouts were meant to be!

4.) Babe’s.  If you’re ever in North Texas, you have to stop. We’ve been there once before about 3 years ago and the kids begged to stop there this round too.  A perfect ending to the weekend…



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