What an awesome day to celebrate.  To celebrate the RISEN LORD!  Without his amazing gift of life, the resurrection —we would die.  But WITH this gift, we have been saved by grace.  We sinned yesterday, we will sin today, and we will sin tomorrow.  With Jesus, we are forgiven.  All debts are paid.  That is amazing!! 

Extra special this Easter Sunday is another celebration.  Our girl, Kassidy!!  We loaded up to The Path–an interactive experience of the journey to the cross—with family.  We got to remember what Christ did for us.  And we got to celebrate a birthday with family and pizza!  



 Happy Birthday to our Kapper!!!  The one who dethroned Natalie 15 years ago!!  We were given a gift of her life.  And because of what Jesus did, she has ETERNAL life.  Just like each and every one of us!!  Now that is a gift…




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