Friday faves.


1.) The verse. Loved flipping through my devotions and found this for the month.  I know it’s going to be an awesome month!  

2.) Give me FIVE, Jesus is ALIVE! Nothing better than children on Easter celebrating the resurrected Christ! My favorite morning hands down of the year.


3.) He is risen. He is risen indeed! 


4.) Fifteen years with this one. 


5.) The only way I can drink water. A big goal for my month–hoping a youthful glow develops….😉 


6.) Books. I am excited about my goals this month. One being to read.  I love to read but often shy away because my addictive personality kicks in and it’s all I want to do. I have so many on my list and am looking forward to a get away in a couple of weeks to do just that—read! 


7.)  Hello track season.

8.) And finally…found the cutest idea for the use of the Easter icon–PEEPS.  I do not like Peeps.  However, this is about the cutest way to make Rice Krispie treats!  My friend at work made these after finding directions on Pinterest.  Click HERE to check it out.  Easy and cute! 



9.) Prom. I can’t believe we have started this era. And I can’t believe these are the shoes my girl is wearing.  What?  

10.)  Kourtney got my phone and did this. I have to agree.



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