a closer look~

a closer look~

How is your schedule looking over there?  A bit like this perhaps?


I’ve already had the realization of quickly approaching summer vacation…and as busy as the weeks are ahead, I know it’s going to fly.  Steve and I just got off the phone talking about plans in late July and early August.  What on earth?  

In Mary & Martha the next few weeks, there are some wonderful things happening that I am excited to share!!  Some super great deals on our ever so loved reusable and disposable napkins.


Ideas for uses of these napkins and placemats—weddings and wedding receptions, graduations, and I have one customer who uses them for housewarming gifts.  What a super idea!


   And the colors are perfect for the spring and summer with the orange and green.  


 And the royal blue is perfect with red plastic silverware for your 4th of July celebrations! (There we go again talking about summer–it’s basically here!).


  And my all time favorite is the grey.  Classy and can be used in all seasons.  Plus it looks really awesome with our new Melamine dish line. Take a look! 

And look how striking the orange is with the Mother’s Day gift of the year!! I’m talking about the Grace and Gratitude pitcher.  Perfect and in fact so perfect it sold out last year during this time of year.  But you’re in luck!!  $36 for the pitcher.  Fill with beautiful tulips and a roll of napkins?  Your mom and mother-in-law will love it. šŸ˜‰ 


Now this is all happening here in the month of April.  And just in is the exciting hostess gift promotions for May.  You are going to want to host!  And the earlier the better… 


Crazy good, right?  And here’s where May is coming in right now…get on the schedule! 


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