Friday faves.

Friday faves.

1.) Prom 


Prom gives you just a little glimpse of what a wedding may be like. Little glimpse. Shopping for the dress, the shoes, the jewelry. Getting pretty doing hair, makeup, and nails. And the huge blessing it is to have grandma’s salon at our finger tips!


And the realization that there are very many more proms in our future. They are staring us right in the face!! Once again, Natalie, being the firstborn, will set the precedence of what we do for prom.  Sorry, grandma–you are going to have to own that salon and spa a few more years…😉


And friends at prom. So fun. 







2.) Lilacs. Best smell ever.

  3.) Steve has some new workout partners. I’m good with that.

 4.) Dinner Dates with friends at new funky restaurants.  Taste and See in Oldtown is awesome!


And now for my absolute fave of the week…

5).  Steve pinning on the boutonierre.  I’m sure this was the most awkward thing ever for all involved.  But as a mom, I loved it. 


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