He’ll be a good dad…’er cat farmer.


This boy woke up with a job to do. You see, due to popular request, our cats decided to have a couple more litters. (And the fact they were pregnant before surgery was scheduled…)


You see the pocket knife he was given for Christmas from his grandparents?  See the taped up finger?  Now see the pint sized baby kitty litter box… 

 And that would be my favorite kitty, Target. She fits perfectly in there!  


 Now, before I get flooded with messages, comments and phone calls begging at your chance for a Kaufman Kitty—let me introduce them to you.  Target. She’s the fave. She cuddles and purrs and loves humans more than the rest. I want to keep her.  


Isn’t she a doll?




And then there were the grey ones. Kind of whiney, but still pretty cute. I think their names are TJ and BJ. Twins, you know.


And no litters are complete without a Tiger or two, right?


And bless this ones heart, it has some unique coloring.  I’m going out on a limb and saying both sets of litters have the same dad. He’s grey. And he really loves the the Kaufman Mamas that patrol Pack Park.

All kitties come litter box trained and with a bag of food!! Get yours today!! 😉


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