What’s up Wednesday 

What’s up Wednesday 

I debated whether to blog today, but this link up is just too much fun!  If you have a blog, join us!

What we’re eating this week…


  Afternoon snacks.



 Dinner. French cuisine for this evening.

What I’m reminiscing about…

 May Fete (a county all school’s day activity and celebration). This when my little buddy was the crown bearer as a kindergartner…oh my aching, aching heart. And these two still ride bike together to school and act pretty much the exact same.

What I’m loving…

 Our 144 hour date.

What we’ve been up to…

  End of school year mayhem! Track, softball, concerts, and basketball–oh my!

What I’m dreading… 

Workouts with this man who is far above my fitness level.

What I’m working on…

  Staying away from the iguanas!

What I’m excited about…

  This amazing gift of relaxation from Mary & Martha. 

What I’m reading…


 The Nesting Place. Hands down the best book I’ve read in a very long time. Started it on the plane and finished it our first afternoon here. Loved it that much that I couldn’t quit! Can’t wait to share more about the inspiration I have been overcome with. And I’m already working on two different rooms in my home—in my head. Can’t wait to put this into place!!!


My next book. I’ve heard rave reviews!!

What I’m listening to…

  Waves crashing and birds singing and a steady rock beat coming from the pool.

What I’m wearing…

  Workout gear by morning, swimming suits by day, and dresses by night.

What I’m doing this weekend…

(See above–😉)

What I’m doing next month…

Finishing out the school year 2014-2015! And saying good bye to grades 10, 9, 6, and 4. 😥

What else is new…

  I got lost today. Actually made a wrong turn on our workout route. One of the hazards of not being able to keep up with Steve. All is well. Steve freaked out but thankfully found me 40 minutes later before calling out a search and rescue. But that’s a story for another day!!!
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