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a new parking spot…


I’m one of those who when driving by the school, I check to see that the girls are there. All year they have used the same parking spot–so when I didn’t see their car, I kind of panicked–not really because they had left 20 minutes before, but I did for a second. Until I remembered–she is parking in JUNIOR parking. What on earth…


He needs supervision.


My Friday faves post was trumped because of this. 

Well, it technically is a fave. The excitement Landon had to take his Dad on a fieldtrip. And I admit–I’m a bit jealous, because I don’t think he would be as excited if it had been me. Mostly because this is not how I would have taken him to school…


It was very sweet. The smiles from both of them. Packing their lunches. 



I love these boys. 

Sweetness meets ornery.


And then… 

Steve allowed this.  

Chameleon Proud


First mistake made–letting my child go into Petsmart. 

Second mistake made–letting him hold a chameleon.
Third mistake made–using the possibility of a chameleon as a lesson in responsibility.

Landon has worked on his room every day since Saturday. He did a good job. I told him I was proud. 
And he asked “are you chameleon proud?”
I am thinking this lesson in responsibility will endure the next 8 years and then I will get him a chameleon. To take to college.



Friday faves (just a few)


1.) My friends I brought home yesterday. I am not a green thumb, but have been completely inspired by life brought into your home through living plants. I may be going crazy. They may not live. But it’s a fairly cheap investment. So instead of sleeping yesterday as I should have been, I played around moving them from one spot to the next. 



2.) Our fly by the seat of our pants road trip. (Thank you craigslist) So I have decided that I really want my house to say something different. This can be summed up in three words, which also happen to be a book. The Nesting Place. Also the reason for all the green above. This road trip consisted of 8 hours with my faves. Even Brinks got in on the fun. Sonic drinks, movies, and maybe a bit of grumpiness. But ended with a living room changing couch, for a significantly less price than new.  



 3.) Not sure there’s a better thought as we enter Mother’s Day weekend. Ever stopped and really thought about this one truth? 


Which always makes me scratch my head when Landon works and works to catch flying creatures to show me. Or worms, or snakes. 

This barn moth (I think) was worth the 8 hour drive and 3:00 am bedtime. For Landon, that is.



It’s Thursday!! And in social media world, it’s a throwback…
Mary & Martha kind of whispered something about a FLASH SALE to be announced this morning.
Now, I worked last night and I am doing my normal routine of Starbs, my favorite Dillons Marketplace, and maybe a little Target and Hobby Lobby as I wait to announce for ya’ll.
Don’t miss it. You can check my business Facebook page here, my Instagram here, or follow me on Twitter skaufmanRN.


Throw in’ it back to a few months ago with these precious women gathered around the table. 

Here comes another lump.


Struggling with the grad invites today. Why? These kids have grown up with my kids. And they are graduating. GRADUATING! 
Another morning I am blessed to be waking up with these four. Another assembly line lunch packing day bites the dust.  

All too soon there will only be three piles, then two, then the last one. Please God don’t let me forget the privilege and the beauty in the tasks of every day…