Friday faves.


1.) This is my favorite wake up time ever. Not too early and not too late to squeeze as much of the day in as possible. This time is never feasible in my real life. But here on vacation this week? Perfection.


2.)  Relaxing after a workout. The best part of the day. The most freeing part of the day. If I could bottle the feeling… 

3.) Speaking of workouts, Running for Weightloss, the app has become my worst and best friend. I seriously do have a love/hate relationship. The love part comes in the picture above. The hate part comes when the voice ask me to sprint at 100%. 😉

4.) Walks on a white sandy beach.

5.) These two products from The Body Shop have changed my life. Given me freedom from putting on makeup twice in one day. A lip stain and lip and cheek stick. I love them. I will admit, I hate to be without makeup, but I hate to put on makeup for the day when I know I’ll just be hanging around. I’m weird that way. Does that even make sense? Like I know I’ll be getting myself ready for dinner and will want to look nice–but who wants to put on makeup for the day? And sweat it off? Not me. So these products have provided the perfect amount of color to not make me scare off those I come in contact with. It’s going to be my summer choice in makeup, I know it! 


 6.) Friends. Reading this book and a week spent with my Mary and Martha sisters just has flooded me with love for friends. You will love this book, Nobody’s Cuter than You by Melanie Shankle. Just such an endearing, funny read. And it makes you think about those friendships from early on until now I can truly say that one of my biggest blessings in Mary and Martha has been the relationships with these women…





7.) Biking. We need to invest in bikes. So fun! And the helmets and orange vests are quite something too… 


 8.) Sushi. I could eat it all day every day.

  9.)  Dessert. I could eat it all day every day.

  10.)  Failed selfies. We have a few…



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