Here we go…


Just a few sneak peeks for you all…


Many, many tea towels to choose from.


And canvas after canvas after canvas…

1246e396e0c05b170fe26bbe96d9461d9a8b36c1199c538518127201fe1b7446 25adf18b1fab73e2dbd957c6dffbfabc 47843237c9226a805b746f0f208b480f 68341884551ebb947d945de352e2eede a99a6a01b808143e9ce890f4e367a63f b7791d49fc0a9337de95a168744f7d40 c41e426a79eba6b8de7f56c7f2377ba0 da62d4678691940f42d9c17cc60bce61

And don’t forget the PIE!!!


Hope to see you next MONDAY, AUGUST 10th at 7:00 pm (note the date change!)

Check it out HERE for an invite on facebook with updates.


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