Monthly Archives: December 2015

Blessed by you all…


A very quick update for you all who have asked. I am doing so awesome!!! Thank you so very much for your prayers, your texts, your calls, meals, your love. I am overwhelmed.

Today marks two weeks home and two weeks of complete joy in this journey to a new normal. The message in church that first Sunday was about the lame man who Jesus healed. Remember that story? Walking and leaping and praising God! I loved that song we learned in Sunday school. It so resonated with me. I am ecstatic and feel like walking and leaping and praising God for the improvements in my eyesight that were in all honesty, hugely dramatic. In the past two weeks, I have regained vision enough to see to not let it stop me in anything. I have described it as seeing through a greyish veil–somewhat blurry and color is not very distinct…yet. BUT—it’s only been a little over two weeks since beginning steroid therapy!! I could not be happier. I have about two more weeks of steroids that are tapered in dosage. I feel so good on them, I’m nervous to not be on them–ha! The final vision restoration will not be evaluated until 6 months out. That is a LOnG time for healing and improvement! Who knows where it will end up? But for now, the leaping the continues. 😉
This dude checks my vision daily. Opthomology in his future? 

My biggest annoyance is very menial. Wearing glasses through steroid treatment for sure. Can I tell you how awesome God works? Last month I ordered 4 pair of glasses through Zenni Optical after hearing from friends how reasonable their glasses were. Because let’s face it–I rarely wear glasses. Like hardly ever. So I didn’t want to spend much money on glasses. Now, these are cheap. Very! But I thought they would be fun, if glasses could be fun. Who knew I would be wearing glasses for weeks and need a change up each day to keep my sanity?

Obviously, I am beyond thrilled where things are at. Peripherally I don’t see well out of my right eye—so watch yourself if you’re beside me on that side… 😉