Ready for a cleanse!


We just came off of a fun week of Spring Break! And by fun, I mean lots of eating! 

Pair that with March Madness and watching lots of basketball…well, you know you have to have fun game food when you’re watching. And celebration when the KU Jayhawks go into the Sweet 16 after a 20 point spread victory. 

I am beyond thankful for a nutritional cleansing system that resets my body. It is not a “go eat whatever you want because I’m going to cleanse” type of system, but rather a tool to keep you on track and more than anything,  by continuing to drink shakes (which travel awesome) I know that my body is getting the best nutrition it can get. Even if I go eat a burger and fries at Rodeo Goat in Dallas. (Sounds gross–but it is an amazing little joint!)

Steve and I are cleansing together today and tomorrow. It’s awesome to do together because we keep each other on track and held accountable. I can honestly say I have been looking forward to my cleanses the last few months mostly because of how amazing I feel after they are completed. 

Tomorrow I will give you a little sample of what our double cleansing days entail if you’re interested. So check back!

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