A day in the life of the cleanse…


First of all, the cleanse is a cellular cleanse–ridding cells of toxins. NOT an intestinal cleanse-so no worries! It is a nutritionally supported fast–meaning, you keep your blood sugar stabilized while your body works its magic. 

So this is what the day looks like for me…

After a shake for the last meal of the day the night before, we wake up and drink our “bullet proof” coffee. Essentially coffee, butter, and coconut oil.  This is our routine–not part of the system.

I usually plan my cleanse days on days I am very busy. So yesterday I worked and taught a class in the evening. It works so well for me and is easy to incorporate into a work day, a day on the road, a day in class…whatever! It is just that simple. 

So from the coffee pot on, something is always going in my mouth.

The other thing that I love, is that I do what works into my own personal schedule–making sure to keep components constant. Regardless of what my day looks like, one thing is always the same. 

Cleanse for life -which I drink 4 ounces of at 8:00, noon, 4:00, and before bed. A drink full of goodness. Take a look…

In between the cleanses are snacks in which you have choices. I choose to do 2-3 Whey Thins, hot tea, Isadelights (a nutritionally packed chocolate bar), and lots and lots of water. 

There are also options  between a one and two day cleanse which is completely up to you in what works with your life at that time.  Lots and lots of information and ways to do it–I prefer the two day cleanse. 

At the end of the cleanse (the evening of the second day or morning after the first day) you get a shake. And it is the best shake you’ll have all week! And you’ll be full. 

That’s what it looks like for me. And I have more energy during cleanses than I do at any other time. It is the best. And to think I actually look forward to them? I really do. You just feel like a million bucks!

I am happy to answer questions if you’re interested in nutritional cleansing.

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