Hoping to capture life’s many blessings and never to take them for granted.IMG_9843


Welcome to Steph’s Blessings where we share our life with four children, yummy recipes, children’s ministry, and the business of combining my work and faith with Mary & Martha…

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  1. HI again, Ok, so your Rock Chalk comment peeked my interest, so I just ran through a series of blogs. A Kansas girl! Mcpherson even? We are neighbors! 🙂 Too cool. So is Journey part of South Hutch Mennonites campuses, Journey at Yoder is the only one I knew about? Ok, off I go, enough blog stalking, um fellow Kansan researching? for tonight! LOL.

  2. Oh my goodness. I am laughing. Yes, I am actually from Moundridge. And I have been stalking you for awhile! In fact, Steve and I were at SHMC when you and Dale talked for the Lifemates event. You were awesome! I’ve actually seen you at Hobby Lobby with all 4 of your kiddos last summer and wanted to tell you “hi” and I love your blog…but I chickened out.

    The other weird thing…

    We ate lunch at Dan and Rogena’s house last spring when the talk began of another multi-site being formed through their church. We have gotten to know them and appreciate them so much. And then I saw you post something about Uncle Dan and I made the connection. Too cool. So anyway, I am the QUEEN OF STALKING!!! Thank you for helping make the connection! 🙂 FUN!

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