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I needed that.


Make sure to take the time.


I decided after talking with a dear friend and mentor of mine, that I was going to take 15 minutes out of my day to  be still. I have been missing that in my life. We are in a transition here with a new schedule we are all trying to figure out. And quite honestly, it has been super hard. But in the same breath it has been super good too. 

I decided I would let God lead me during this time. Direct my focus. I went to my Jesus Calling and read the devotion for today. Then I went back to one of my hardest days this week, in which I didn’t set time to read that day. And wouldn’t you know it? The devotion centered on my favorite verse. Do you even know what kind of comfort that would have given me during that moment that day? Or at the end of that day? Or what if I had read that to start my day? How would that have changed my reaction to challenges?! What a lesson I am learning…

God knows what we need before we do. 

Oh Proverbs 3:5-6. Thank you.

Let’s Get Personal PARTY!


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 11th at 7:00 pm!!!!

Now you’ve heard about our personalization but it’s time to really see it, don’t you think?

This is such an exciting new addition and the first addition you can order now that it’s August! It’s August!!

Come check out the new, personalize something for yourself, eat some yummy food, bring some friends, and Let’s Get Personal!!!

Hard reality.


Well Child visits for my oldest girls today. Because of other commitments, I had to meet them there. Meet them.


How many times did I wait in the waiting room with four little kids? Anticipating how much my newborn had grown since the last appointment, or dreading the kindergarten shots, and now today, to find out that Natalie and Kassidy are done growing. 

Everything you’ve ever heard is true. Sometimes those days are long. But the last 16 years have flown…

Trumps laundry.


The minute you walk in the door from time away, this monster quickly rears its ugly head. No matter how long you ignore your bags (kiddos).

Reconnection.  This will go on record as being one of our busiest summers yet! No joke.
Is this an impressive vacay stop for a family? To see a brewery? Ha! It was actually one of our favorite activities as we got to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales! 

Failed selfie at the Arch.

And a small amount of food to keep us going. (Yeah right)

And feeling just like this when you get home… 

I hope to be back in my pants in a few weeks. 

Four days…


There’s a lot that will happen in four days. It will be August 1. For many, it’s the month of a new school year! Wow–summer went fast, didn’t it? The last few days of summer will be squeezed and twisted filled with last minute vacations, swimming pool parties, late night Sonic runs for half price shakes, and shopping trips for supplies, shoes, backpacks, and lunch bags. My kids are the fortunate who don’t have to start until September–yay! But school activities and sports rev up here soon. 

As far as Mary & Martha is concerned a lot is happening in August as well. Just look at these exciting new specials!! 

Which brings me to why August 1 is significant. Up until then, these next four days, you can join Mary & Martha for just $99. You can own your own business and ministry as we kick off our most favorite selling season–the fall! And exciting as we have added the coolest new products.
This investment is returned ten fold—I am here to tell you. And there is no better time to get started. Who’s feeling that nudge? Oh yes–and our team of women you get to be in sisterhood with is worth that investment! 

Contact me or 620.386.0203!!!

My “why”—


So. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know what I’ve been doing all weekend. One of my most favorite weekends of the year, not only for motivation, new product and food (ha!!)–but mostly for the community of like-minded women that have become so near and dear to me. The Mary & Martha National Conference. 

We were fortunate to be able to combine a long weekend trip with our family, stopping in Lawrence to be spoiled by our rock chalk peep. And then off to St. Louis where the kiddos got some good daddy time…

And we even got a date night out of the deal…

There is so much to share, but above all, I need to and was challenged to share my WHY.  This one activity over the weekend had me overcome with emotion. Recently, I have taken on a new role at the hospital. I LOVE it more than I ever thought I could and completely felt God’s leading to begin this. 

As I have been trying to transition to this new role, I have been struggling with how to keep Mary & Martha a part of my life—should I keep it a part of my life? 

The answer is yes. It is a part of my life. God brought me to over three years ago. And I am here for this season. For now. There are still so many to share with!! God has called me to this position at the hospital and it’s where I need to be. And anove all– my family–God has called me, and it’s where I need to be. I don’t know how it will all work, but I do know I am excited about what this next year looks like. 

So my WHY:

Sisterhood, friendships, love for Jesus and a vessel to share Jesus. Hospitality and the love to love on and serve others.

I need the fellowship of women. I need to be able to share my faith with as many as possible. I need the community of like-minded women who love Jesus and want to share with others. Connection. I want to bring the sweet message to as many as I can. I want to be the Christian gift “store” for people wanting to bless others. I want to surround myself with message driven products everywhere which proclaim TRUTH and help others to do the same.

This is my why. I am so looking forward to the new year of loving God and loving others through Mary & Martha!!!

Summer keeps on marchin’ on…


Goodbye baseball…

Goodbye softball.

Hello cheer.

And a new one starting school sports soon.

Good old Triple Threat basketball rounding out the end of the summer season with a couple of more tourneys.

Cheer car wash.

Summer camp.


And honestly? The next few weeks are going to give us some great intentional family time. I can’t wait. Because all too soon, this summer crazy is going to be gone. And a bittersweet welcome to middle, junior high, and high school will be waiting…