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Why do we have to sing?

Why do we have to sing?

20141224-083236-30756400.jpgSo…why do we have to sing?

20141224-083255-30775514.jpgWe sing because Christmas songs are a universal language on their own.  Almost everyone knows the words by heart to at least some part of each and every song.  That’s why we sing.

20141224-083335-30815913.jpgWe sing because those words are a strong memory for those who don’t remember.

20141224-083336-30816447.jpgWe sing because it is a tie that brings us together.  As a family…

20141224-083403-30843894.jpgYoung and old.

20141224-083447-30887627.jpgWe sing because even with no harmony and starting too high, or too low, we are blessing people.

20141224-083535-30935316.jpgWe sing because it softens hardened hearts.  We sing because we have a reason to.  We sing because we can.

20141224-083554-30954251.jpgHave a very, very blessed Christmas.

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