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well, do I?



I am slowly but surely learning how to get the most out of my closet. Obviously, a hot topic for me as I know I’ve posted on this before. The people that are doing this well are my inspiration.

Really, what you wear does matter. It matters if you love it and if you feel good in it. It does. And for me personally, I have got to get out of the mindset of “saving” things for a special occasion. Wear it. Embrace it. Do not save it for that perfect occasion that may never come. And get RID of it if you are not sure if you’re going to wear it but you “might”.

Are you doing this well? Have you learned how to embrace the closet?

This is my own self help post as I navigate my way though this life change. So if you see me in the same boots over and over and over—you know I love them. And it seems as I’m only wearing a couple of pairs of jeans?Or I show up in a dress to a football game? Bear with me. And know that I believe leopard print is the new neutral. There. Happy Saturday.