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Friday faves..


1.) Dad coaches. Not every child appreciates being coached by their dad. But not the case for Kourtney. She loves it. Not always does she love what he says to her–such as “get your head in the game” –courtesy of High School Musical. 😉







2.) You just gotta have fun. Children’s Ministry is a tricky thing. It’s easy to get in a rut doing the same thing over and over each week. So we decided since it was the weekend of LOVE last weekend, and our Life App for the month is KINDNESS and Jesus himself does love and kindness better than anyone else…well, it was time for a party! And we scored half price Valentine party supplies!


3.) The Sunday table.


4.) Do you love a KU girl? This shirt made me laugh. And made me want one. (I didn’t order it…yet!)




5.) Elementary school music programs. Where kids are over the top excited to sing. And sadly, it was our last.



6.) Uncle Sam. Not much more to say than you really need to get your kids one.


7.) Wichita Women’s Fair starts TODAY! Come see us in the Mary & Martha booth. Mention this blog and get 20% off your entire purchase!


8.) No truer words.

Happy Friday!

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Friday faves…

Friday faves…


1.) Just when I needed it most, wouldn’t you know a devotion with my Mary & Martha team and life verse. A gift this week for sure.


2.) A freshly coifed pooch. However, she misbehaves during grooming. I am seriously embarassed each and every time I pick her up.

Think of a dog “screaming”…


3.) We have started ordering from Walmart online with a doorstep delivery. It seriously rocks. All of those necessities? Delivered to your door and no chance to buy something you really don’t need.


4.) The prayer wall on display at the Mary & Martha home office. These are dreams each of us have that the home office staff prays for on a wall to see each time someone passes through. That is awesome.




5.) My girls do NOT like to be told they look like either Steve or I. I think it is quite funny when I receive texts like these. Ha!!




6.) Not sure this could describe me any better.




7.) When Dad cooks. Need I say more?


8.) Some of my peeps. Just because.

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Friday faves–short and sweet!

Friday faves–short and sweet!

20150116-083758-31078962.jpg1.) THIS WEATHER!!!  Let’s start with the obvious…this weather is such a gift!  55 degrees here for the next few days.  Love it~ and so does Landon because he finally gets to try out his new bike he got for Christmas.

20150116-083821-31101388.jpg2.)  Basketball Buddies.  This is seriously the cutest thing ever.  I’ve loved it when my kids were the “little” buddy and I love it even more now that they are the “big” buddy.  These notes!  So precious.  And I love how they spelled Natalie’s name.  After reading through those letters, I believe Nat needs to have them over for a little Frozen Karaoke night…

20150116-083841-31121181.jpg3.)  SEVEN.  Chapter one is done and in the books, so they say.  We met for the first time yesterday and I loved hanging out with friends, sipping coffee, and talking about the book.  I KNOW I love that more than the book.  🙂  BUT, this book is good, so far.  The first chapter is about food.   We have decided to read a chapter one week, discuss the next week,  put that chapter into practice (however that looks for each of us individually) and discuss the next week.  And so forth as we move through the book.  I am excited!!!  And for me, just so you can all hold me accountable, I am not eating ANYTHING after 7:00 pm for this next week.  So if you see me at basketball games and I’m sneaking a piece of popcorn at 7:09—please stop me.

20150116-083920-31160844.jpg4.)  SCONES.  Oh my, the scones.  All I can say is these are the easiest, yummiest, funnest recipe to make ever.  Read all about them and get the recipe:


5.)  Dog Tricks.  Please don’t make fun of me and my voice talking to our dog like she has just taken her first step as a toddler.  But dang it.  I am so proud of her…  ha ha!  🙂  Actually, Kourtney has been working very hard with Brinklee to get her to do roll over.  Basically, what it comes down to, this dog will do anything for some chicken.  I can’t wait until she starts doing the laundry…




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Friday faves

Friday faves


20150109-054114-20474008.jpg1.)  Snow.  I tried to capture how beautiful it came down from the start, but my camera didn’t do a very good job.  They had been predicting, so of course our kids were waaiiitttiinnngg…and although hours later than anticipated, we got a bit of snow.  Not sure it was enough for good sledding, but that didn’t stop a couple of mine from trying.  We were heading to a basketball game during some of the heaviest of the snow and our suburban began to “de-rate” showing an oil issue.  UGH.  Basically, it completely stopped and it turned out to be some sensor thing.  I don’t know.  But I was not enjoying the blowing snow oh so much during that moment.




20150109-053806-20286900.jpg2.)  Popcorn for Sunday supper.  It has taken years, but I think my kids are finally realizing that Mom is not going to cook you a big Sunday supper.  And popcorn is always going to be an option.  Or cereal.  Or leftovers.  But…I’m not cooking.


3.)  New Chex Mix.  I have cut way back on my baking of sweets now that the holidays are over.  But there has been one mix I’ve been excited to try ever since a friend of mine posted about it.  I searched and searched for the recipe online, and then realized the recipe is on the back of the box of Wheat Chex.  Awesome.  So I took a picture of the recipe for you.  Because I am just lazy like that.  It is YUMMY!!  I think all of my kids loved it.


20150109-054137-20497676.jpg4.)  LAZY Day Bierocks.  My family loves bierocks.  And they are super nice to have on hand in the freezer for those days (Sunday evenings) when you need something quick and Mom isn’t cooking.  😉  I tried something different this week to save on time.  And while I will tell you that using your own French Bread dough recipe is undoubtedly better, these turned out pretty well.


1 pkg of Rhodes rolls

2 lbs ground beef

1 sweet vidalia onion

1 can Bavarian sauerkraut

8 oz monterey jack cheese

Swiss cheese to your liking

Mustard and Ketchup to taste

Place frozen rolls on greased jelly roll pans and sit in warm place until soft–about 4 hours.  Meanwhile, brown hamburger with chopped onion and salt and pepper to taste.  Drain off grease. Return to stove and place on low adding your cheese (cut in blocks for quicker melting) and drained sauerkraut.  Let simmer until melted through adding mustard and ketchup to your taste.  (I don’t use much–maybe a couple of tablespoons at the most.)

Once melted through and rolls are soft and ready to go, flatten out dough into a circle.  Scoop a wooden spoon full (this is technical-ha!) into center.  Then wrap around meat and place back on greased jelly roll pan.  Continue until all 36 rolls are complete.  This allows some time for them to rise, but not rise too much.

Bake at 350 degrees for 18-22 minutes or until nicely browned on the bottom.

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And then if you’re like our family, 12 will be gone at supper time, another 6 will be gone in lunches the next day, and the rest are for your freezer.  Which means you can have another meal, and another day of lunches with just a few left over for Sunday suppers!!  😉



20150109-054211-20531966.jpg5.)  LOOK AT A SNEAK PEEK OF OUR NEW PRODUCT!!!!  I want these Melamine Nested Bowls.  Like right now I want them.  I have not seen them in person yet, that’s coming in two weeks!!!  But, as a hostess in the last two weeks of January you can earn these.  Interested?  Contact me to get your name in the books.  However, I am going to be gone in a couple of weeks at the Mary & Martha Leadership conference.  Know what happens at that conference?  Besides being spoiled, loved on, motivated, and beginning your day with worship?


Yes, I am excited.  Yes, I can get carried away.  Yes, yes.  I will be posting sneak peeks to my business Facebook page.  If you want to be “in the know” make sure you have “LIKED” it.  You can click HERE.

20150109-054248-20568750.jpg6.)  HOBO BAGS.  Mary & Martha loves to spoil YOU as customers and me as a consultant.  We were given a President’s Challenge last summer at our National Conference with incentives to earn HOBO bags.  Ever heard of them?  I hadn’t.  But I received my wristlet in the mail yesterday and quickly switched all of my things over.  So cool and I can’t stop smelling the leather.  It is a problem.  You can check out Hobo bags here:  http://www.hobobags.com

20150109-054248-20568563.jpg7.)  Tinker Crate.  I wrote up a whole post on this HERE, but let’s just say, this is such an awesome gift for kids—that keeps on giving!  Monthly crates or boxes arrive in the mail with fun, learning activities.  Probably the BEST value in a Christmas gift I have found this year.


20150109-054312-20592705.jpg8.)  LEARNING TO DO “DELAY WASH” Laundry!!!  MARK THIS DAY DOWN!!!!  My daughters frustrate me in the laundry department.  In fact, laundry is extremely frustrating to me regardless, I admit.  In all of my 18 years of marriage and child rearing, I have yet to come up with a solution in keeping my and everyone else’s sanity when it comes to laundry.  However, I committed to keep on going.  Because…the laundry just keeps on going.  What works best for this family, is loads of laundry EVERY day.  Which means, if you need it washed, it needs to be in the baskets IN the laundry room.  I do not want to search in your rooms or laundry baskets in the basement.  I’m going to start a load.  So make sure it’s there.

This does not always work well for my older girls.  They often need things the night before.  Such as a cheer uniform for instance.  It’s Thursday night, and tomorrow is the game.  Um, yeah.  And the laundry has been done.

They are learning, ever so slowly, but learning nonetheless.  So when I saw this when I walked into the laundry room before bed last night I was completely pumped!!  Someone had set the machine to “Delay Wash”.  Little do they know, this turn of laundry events is a huge milestone for me.

They CAN do it.

20150109-054337-20617376.jpg9.)  My Dad is STILL CANCER FREE!!  On a more serious note, my Dad sent this email with the best news ever.  After a scare 3 years ago, anyone with a cancer diagnosis knows that the scans every few months thereafter cause some anxiety.  But the NEWS of an all clear is a gift in itself.

As we celebrate this news, I am very mindful of loss surrounding a family in our small town this week.  It is so humbling this life we live and easy to take for granted each day we are given and see it as a gift.  Prayers are for all who are experiencing loss or news that isn’t “good”.


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yes, yes and more YES– friday faves.

yes, yes and more YES– friday faves.

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Of course, the is my favorite of all time…

Just when I thought I could not love this any more, I listened to this video on how the whole story in song came to be.  The most powerful of this production is that it is all through song.  Now add some children in to act out the story…

I am in love.

1.)  The Story Behind Behold the Lamb of God


2.) These two songs–amazing.


3.)  I have learned how to embed videos into this blog, instead of the “click here” with a link.  I apologize, I am going a bit crazy and just a tad proud of myself…  HA!  😉

4.)  These boys looking intense at their tournament, don’t  you think?  Pure joy from those two basketball buddies.  I never asked what was so funny–because I am pretty sure I do NOT want to know.          bballfriends

5.)  Our church has provided gifts for two families of kids–so excited they are going to wake up to everything on their wish list!!   And a gift of sweet Baby Ruth to snuggle each Sunday morning

   journeygifts babyruth

6.)  And another gift…my Mary & Martha team.  I was getting my Christmas greetings ready to send to them and couldn’t help but think that this time last year, there were just a handful who joined me in this business and ministry.  And this year, it took me most of my morning to get these all ready to send!!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this special group of women sharing Jesus in the home with many across the United States!!


7.)  Carolers.


5.)  Chocolate Peppermint Whoopie Pies


I have had more fun making whoopie pies  this year.  It’s weird.  I never make whoopie pies.  But, they freeze really well and paired with our cuter than cute foil pans, I can pull them out of the freezer on a whim.  Like I did for those precious carolers above.  (now, they probably had to split them in half for everyone to have a bite…oops.)

6.)  Mary & Martha foil pans.  Need I say more?  They are cute.

foilpans7.)  Speaking of carolers.  Our annual caroling party is coming up.  This started because when we first started having kids, I began dreaming of how to make Christmas magical for them.  And for me, a caroling party with friends and family blessing others with singing, and then celebrating the season together was what it was for me.  And Steve got on board.  And our families got on board.  And our friends got on board.  And 12 years later, I finally figured out a fun invitation… (SMILEBOX may be my new addiction)



Click to play this Smilebox invite
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Friday faves–this is Christmas.

Friday faves–this is Christmas.

20141212-062457-23097388.jpg1.)  Christmas Shopping Day

So. Much. Fun.

It used to be a day we reserved for our family–with an early morning wake up, McDonald’s breakfast stop, non-stop shopping with a hot chocolate break, out for lunch, splitting up the kids so they could shop for each other, and an ending with dinner.

Not any more.  It’s just me and Steve and a Fresh Market coffee sample stop.  Marathon shopping through lunch and an early dinner of sushi before we race back for a basketball tournament.

20141212-062459-23099329.jpg2.)  WASABI SUSHI BAR

One of the reasons I love sushi so much, is that you leave and you don’t feel full.  NOT this time.  Oh my goodness.  We were starving and ate nonstop for 20 minutes.  No kidding.  But oh my it was yummy!

20141212-062458-23098419.jpg3.)  Unexpected Christmas blessings…

There have been a few times this week that my heart has been filled by the love and generosity of others.  Our kids at church have adopted four kids for Christmas.  We had a pretty extensive list of items to get, which we then opened up to the congregation to help us out with.  After delivering college care packages for finals week, a sweet girl brought me this gift card.  It blessed my heart so much that they compiled (probably their $$ for gas or necessities) together money and are giving in this way.  Is that not the greatest?  One of those teenage boys is going to be pretty pumped to find this under the tree on Christmas morning.

20141212-062712-23232592.jpg4.)  Mary & Martha products in use this season.

We get lots of pictures of our products in use which come across facebook each day.  This was a favorite of mine, using chalkboard markers on our Chalkboard Tray.  I wish I had artistic ability.

Then, driving Landon to practice last night in a neighboring town, we drove through a neighborhood full of lights.  And there on the house next to the door was a Blessings Door Bucket filled with Christmas decor.  I was so excited!  I had no idea who’s home it was.  But pretty neat to see our products in other communities~

20141212-062734-23254832.jpg5.)  Mary & Martha Home Office Staff and Mission

I watched this video prepared for us by the Mary & Martha home office.  The people who lead our company.  The people who take care of us.  The simple message of Christ as the center of Christmas and the love poured through that video, was a sweet gift.  You’ve got to see this.

Click HERE.

If this blesses you too and you think you’d love to be a part of this amazing company?  Let me know.  We would love to have you join our team!


behold the lamb

6.)  Behold the Lamb

This depiction of the greatest story ever told is what Christmas is to me each year.  About 3 years ago, our Sunday School class was in charge of the Christmas Eve service at our church.  Together kids and adults came together in what I believe is the most meaningful collection of stories through song.  I love the people who came together to make it happen and have the best memories of the whole thing.  Honestly, this is more than a Friday Fave.  I begin listening to these songs from the minute Christmas is whispered on anyone’s lips.   I love the ENTIRE CD.  I love the memories it brings of a very bitter turned sweet time of our lives.  During the middle of all of these practices for this program, my Dad was diagnosed and had a very dangerous surgery.  We got the very best news that Christmas Eve morning.  His cancer was contained!!!  And he was going to be fine.  So that celebration of Behold the Lamb that night at church?  Was so amazing.  I was brought to tears over and over and over again that evening.  The next few Friday Faves will feature these beautiful songs.  Oh I love them.  Can you tell?  🙂

This is the song that starts everything off, asking the children to “Gather ‘Round” to hear the old, old story.

Click HERE.

7.)  Matthew Begats

This song deserves its very own recognition.  Hands down the most favorite song of the kids in Behold the Lamb.   It’s all about the lineage of Jesus.  It’s a fun song that sets up how everyone came to be.  It is SO FUN!  And I love this version and visual.  My kids have begged to listen to this song daily.

Click HERE.

Happy Friday friends.  I hope it is a FAVE!!

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Homemade Kit Kat Bar–Friday Faves!

Homemade Kit Kat Bar–Friday Faves!

20141205-052524-19524692.jpg1.)  Keeping our home mouse/rat/rodent free.  Thank you Nike and Heidi.  Our cats have definitely been in the “gifting” spirit this season.  I am not kidding, it’s 3-4 ‘kill’ a day.  I think maybe Steve should take them deer hunting next time.


2.)  I love driving up to the driveway to find him doing what he loves most.  In shorts, a sweatshirt, and winter fleece hat.  Anything to shoot a few hoops after school.

20141205-052523-19523801.jpg20141205-052522-19522961.jpg3.)  In Children’s Ministry this month, we are getting ready to kickoff a month of COMPASSION with some exciting things happening this next Sunday.  Can’t wait to bless some kiddos with Christmas gifts, who otherwise might not have anything under the tree.


4.)  The Very “Merry” and Martha Christmas Party Open House

So many faves all wrapped into one evening.  GIRL time with FRIENDS. (and some I haven’t seen for so long!!)  Making NEW FRIENDS.  Baking.  Christmas music.  Time with my team.  This one evening fills me up more than words can say.  And for this, I thank Mary & Martha.  It provides me a wonderful opportunity to open my home to women.



5.)  Homemade Kit Kat Bars

This is one of my favorite recipes to make during the holiday season.  I have A LOT of favorite recipes I reserve for this time of year, but this one is so perfect for freezing and pulling out anytime you need a special treat.  In fact, I made 3 recipes of this and my gals last night maybe ate a 1/3 of one pan.  Lots for the freezer!

20141205-052623-19583093.jpgI am sharing at the Weekend Potluck today!

Homemade Kit Kat Bars

Ingredients: (A simple list!)

1 Box Club Crackers, 1 Box Graham Crackers, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Butter, Milk, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Butterscotch Chips

Line a 9×13 pan with parchment paper.  Lay out Club Crackers in a single layer.

Crush graham crackers to equal 1 cup.  Melt 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup white sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup milk, and 1 cup graham crackers on the stove.  Heat to boiling while stirring continuously for 3 min.  Remove from stove.  Cover your club crackers.

Next, add another single layer of club crackers.

Stir together on stove 1 cup chocolate chips, 2/3 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup butterscotch chips just until melted and creamy.  Pour over club crackers.

Refrigerate until hardened.

Try not to eat them all.

20141205-052623-19583960.jpgLike I said, these are absolutely WONDERFUL to freeze and pull out for later.  If I were you, I would stock your freezer right this minute.  You won’t be sorry.  Teacher gifts, Christmas goodie plates, neighbor gifts…you name it!


6.)  The Ampersand

I had a couple of awesome Mary & Martha team members with me last night.  And one in particular, is pretty darn crafty.  As is her hubby.  I joke, although it’s COMPLETELY TRUE, that everyone needs a “Greg” in their life.

These Ampersand Glitter Ornaments were our gift to all of our guests last night.  I adore them.  Besides how cute they are, I LOVE that people know what that little ampersand means.  That little ampersand has some BIG meaning.  And thanks to Mary & Martha people are beginning to recognize the meaning we have for this little symbol.


Living in the ‘&’.

Loving God AND Loving Others.

A business AND a ministry.

Combining work AND faith.

20141205-052713-19633461.jpgI would LOVE to talk with you more about Mary & Martha.  To keep up to date on all of our specials (special sale coming next week) and see updates, please “LIKE” my facebook business page.  Supposedly 500 “likes” is a big deal to facebook–so I’m going to make it a big deal too with a giveaway once we reach it.

Click HERE.


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Black Friday faves…

Black Friday faves…

20141127-233139-84699027.jpg1.)  Glasses–imperative after working through the night and staying up all day.

2.)  A Piko Shirt and Leggings with Boots—my “eat as much as you can” attire of choice…


3.)  Thanksgiving dinner—unplugged.  Phones left in the vehicle for hours.  Most glorious thing ever.

20141127-233140-84700248.jpg4.)   Mary & Martha makin’ the friday faves edition once again, and exciting the BLACK FRIDAY FAVE edition.  Check out these sales!!  If you’re local I’m saving you shipping.  And I can still get you a half price item for every $100 spent.  It’s an awesome weekend to shop with “the girls”!

20141127-233140-84700416.jpg5.)  So this text BLESSED me more than anything this week–hands down.  So, if you don’t know Meg, she is my cousin’s sweet little 3 year old.  Who’s obviously been to a few Mary & Martha gatherings in her precious young life.  Oh my goodness.  I just love her.  Look at little Miss Thang!!!


6.)  The Mary & Martha popcorn boxes are just PERFECT for sharing the “all you can eat” popcorn at the theatre.  Come to think of it, we had a family movie Saturday afternoon last weekend.  And we NEVER go to movies on a Saturday afternoon.  It rocked.


20141127-233237-84757486.jpgAnd I especially love it when popcorn counts as dinner.  SCORE!


20141127-233237-84757963.jpg7.)  Black Friday shopping with my computer.  Who knows?  I may run around a bit this afternoon…but for now, I have NO WHERE TO GO.  And I am loving it.


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simple friday faves…

simple friday faves…


`1.)  Basketball.  Can’t beat it.  It’s in full swing for all four kids.  Thankfully half of our kids play on the same team and it will be that way for 3 years.  How sweet is that?

And finally we took advantage of last year’s Christmas gift and got Landon some personalized basketball shoes.  They are supposed to arrive December 22nd.  What I wouldn’t give for him to forget about them so I could wrap them up and put them underneath the tree for him this Christmas.  Think that will work?


20141120-232622-84382287.jpg2.)  The tribe surrounding my girls continues to bless them weekly.  Last week, it was supporting all three of them at the musical The Music Man.  Speaking of musicals, I loved it.  If I could watch a musical every weekend for the rest of my life, I would be ok with that.

20141120-232621-84381422.jpg3.)  My house is ready.  Bring it on.  Love the comfort, sights, smells, and sounds of Christmas.


20141120-232624-84384027.jpg4.)  Nothing quite as satisfying as having your dinner cooking away first thing in the morning.  And this crock pot?  I am in love with this appliance.  I polish it.  I’m not kidding.  It is a workhorse in my kitchen and will continue to be through these winter months.

s20141120-232623-84383173.jpg5.)  So these Mary & Martha square cups have been a favorite ever since they were first introduced this fall.  But I had never baked in them.  Until this week.  They are PERFECT for cornbread muffins.  And I have the PERFECT cornbread recipe.  It’s one of those recipes that I have in my head and my “go to” for cornbread.  It’s about 30% cornbread and 70% pure dessert.  And all you need is a yellow cake mix, jiffy cornbread mixes, eggs, oil, water and the Mary & Martha square baking cups.  I am linking this recipe to the Weekend Potluck because it’s just a great basic recipe.

Cornbread Muffins

Yellow Cake Mix

2 Jiffy Cornbread Mixes

4 eggs

1 cup water

2/3 cup milk

4 TBSP vegetable oil

Mix all together until just combined.  Fill your Mary & Martha square baking cups 2/3 full.  Place cups directly on baking sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven for 22-25 minutes or until middle of muffin cup is set.

Serve with butter, honey, or white corn syrup.  But honestly, they are good and perfectly sweet just on their own!

20141120-232626-84386051.jpg6.)  Mary & Martha has been a favorite this month for me and my hostesses.  The lanterns have been so much fun to decorate for fall and now Christmas.  And I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE to see this come across my facebook page…


You can’t beat that testimony.

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full of Friday faves…

full of Friday faves…

20141114-052320-19400991.jpgThis Friday fave edition is loooonnnggg.  In fact, I am not going to be putting my recipes in here, because of that very fact!  I could not round up this edition without raving about my Mary & Martha hostesses this week.  It’s Mary & Martha Marathon week over here.  I LOVE how these hostesses are using the beautiful Praise Tray and mugs.  One of our favorite products, this hostess knew what she was doing.  These guests were spoiled.  It was hospitality at it’s finest.  The apple bar pictured above was so much fun.  And the Apple Cider Nog I will be telling you about was to die for.


While the girls and I were away this past weekend, Steve and Landon had a bit of fun in the kitchen and kept sending us pics of what they were making on the new Green Mountain Grill.  These Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings were pretty amazing, I’ve got to admit.  Imagine this on your next burger?  Talk about taking it to the next level!!  Click HERE to read all about them!


20141114-052321-19401551.jpgBasketball has started for one little boy over here, with the girls soon to begin.  New uniforms this year with the theme Work Hard, Play Hard.  They are super cool.  And even cooler that they match is black eye.

And a little throwback to a couple of years ago when this team first started.  First games are tomorrow and we can not wait!

20141114-052626-19586920.jpgBurnin’ in my soul…

Our theme song at church as we begin our campus wide Ignite Initiative.  God is up to some big, big things at Journey  with a new building in progress for our campus specifically.  And it is exciting to be a part of!  The song Burnin’ In My Soul can be heard in our house multiple times a day.  Sometimes sung along with this version.  Sometimes in casual conversation.  Sometimes we can not get it out of our heads.  And I can’t wait for our all campus celebration on Sunday.  I have a feeling that song is going to totally rock.  Click HERE to listen and get it stuck in your head too!

And to stick with the burning thing I’ve got going on here, the sub-freezing temps means our fireplace is going!!  I’m not sure there’s anything more comforting than a warm fire?



20141114-053311-19991701.jpgA gathering at a hostesses home lit with Christmas lights and decor’.  A woman after my own heart!  I was a little bit nervous driving to these gal’s house never having met her before.  But as soon as I walked in, she welcomed me with open arms and the most vivacious spirit.  I got to introduce Mary & Martha to 15 women who had never heard of it before.  Totally awesome.  (as was the food!)

20141114-053312-19992141.jpgI have gone nutso for NuttZo.  Sorry, that is a horribly bad pun, I know.  But, it is true.  This nut and seed butter is delicious.  Click HERE to read all about the wholesome goodness of this nut butter.  Oh yummy, yummy, yummy!!

20141114-053516-20116309.jpgThis next picture is a little blurry AND a little sad.  But it’s a fave because my youngest girl, Kourtney, was getting ready for a day at school that she would be performing in the upcoming musical, Music Man.  She was to be in stage make-up and her hair in braids for her part.  Knowing she would not have time or help in school, I needed to get her ready in the morning.  Oh bless the tween hormones and self-conciousness.  She was so over the top worked up about being made fun of for her makeup and hair in braids.  But I still forced a smile out of her…

20141114-053551-20151548.jpgThis next fave is absolutely hands down the best drink I have ever put to my lips.  So good that it is getting its’ own post for the Weekend Potluck party.  You will have to click HERE to read all about and get the recipe for this delicious Apple Cider Nog.


20141114-054003-20403056.jpgOk, yes.  I admit it.  Both of my Christmas trees are up (undecorated!!) and my closet is cleaned out and crates are stacked ready to be put into action for this upcoming Christmas season.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Thanksgiving and celebrate with all of my heart—but I just like my home decorated in lights while I do.  Don’t judge.  😉

I will blame a bit of it on Mary & Martha.  I mean, if we are selling Christmas items right now, that means I have to get in the Christmas spirit, right?!

I found these glimmer strings at Pier One the other day to add to my lanterns.  Oh my goodness.  I am in love with them!!  Mary & Martha consultants—–you NEED these!!  And they are 20% off right now!!


That’s a lot of faves.  I know.

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