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obsession alert: PIKO!


Alright—so I have not been able to get PIKO out of my mind since my conference last weekend.  I didn’t want to post about this, because you know, it’s just another one of my obsessions and I don’t actually have a PIKO in my possession…yet.  I am also hesitant in posting because Steve is not always such a fan of my obsessions.  Mostly, because they cost $$.  Can anyone relate?  Now before I show you why I am obsessed with this, I have to know if anyone else is as obsessed as I?  I know one person who is.  But does anyone know what PIKO is?  Why have I never learned of this?  Is the suspense killing you?

This is what I would describe as PIKO clothing—comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and flattering.  Now who would not want a closet full of this?  Mary & Martha’s general sales manager rocked the PIKO the whole weekend.  And finally I just had to ask her where she got her tops from and what they were.  She is obsessed with them as well I found out.  And my friends and I there were buzzing around about PIKO.  And then my friend facebooked me that she had in fact ordered some PIKO on MONDAY when she got home.  And I laughed and said my PIKO is sitting in a cart waiting for me to order.  And now as I am typing this, I am totally freaked out that Steve is going to freak out that I am spending my paycheck on said PIKO.  Well—freak out buddy.  Because I am gettin’ my PIKO on.

If you have not clicked on the word PIKO yet, you can just CLICK {HERE} to see what I’m talking about.

And then…today my JANE deal came across my email.  And what did my eyes see?  A top that looks VERY similar to a PIKO.  The description is the same.  And it’s at an awesome price.  So I bought 2 without thinking twice, because I have lost out on deals with Jane before due to thinking things over and discerning my purchase.  Hi Steve!  I love you, Steve!  I may have used your credit card today, Steve…

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This is what the JANE website showed.  They look exactly like the PIKO I have been obsessing over for the last week.  And so I commented on the Jane facebook comments—and then my cousin saw that, texted me and said she had ordered one of these tops (which we still don’t know if it is PIKO or not) and said SHE LOVED IT!!!

Ok.  I am done.  I am pumped and can’t wait to see this shirt.  And if it’s what I think it is?  I may be wearing it each and every time you see me.  Thank you to Mary & Martha for not only a wonderful weekend of business planning, unity, and product reveal.  But for the introduction to PIKO.  {Thanks KIM MARQUETTE!}

(and if you too would like to get in on the JANE deal, click HERE to sign up)  But if you want those shirts, you better hurry.  There were just a few left when I ordered.

oh no—not again!!!


I’ve got to hand it to my friends.  They are always looking out for me.  Any chance to continue my shopping and “good deal finds” addiction.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Meanwhile, Steve is saying “No, no, no—stop the madness!!”  HA!

I have a mild love affair with Zulily.  Remember my $22 coats?  I love them and have worn them both enough times already to make it worth it.  I am still contemplating if the mustard yellow one looks ok with my blonde hair.  Still yet to be determined…  And my most recent purchase arrived at my door step just yesterday.  I have been searching and searching for a rug for under my dining room table.  They are not cheap as you know if you’ve ever bought rugs.  But THIS one, was so reasonable and is just about perfect for my style.  SCORE!!  Zulily rocked another one.  And it’s huge.  Like you can scoot your chair back huge—which is not what I was expecting.  Steve and I just looked at it trying to figure out if this is really what we want.  And I’m pretty sure it is.  I just need him to lift my table onto it after we get it to lay flat.


I also love The Plaid Barn.   It’s one daily deal.  Sometimes I love it—and sometimes I don’t because I am NOT a crafter.  But if you are, you need to sign up!!

Now, I’ve been doing a great job of keeping things in check.  Online shopping is just about the greatest thing ever invented.  Truly.  And if my girls were still baby girls (sniff, sniff) I would be having the time of my life with all of the absolutely adorable holiday outfits–and now the Christmas themed green and red chevron dresses and ruffles—-oh my, it all I can do to not have another baby.  I am kidding.  Really. (Steve just got a shiver down his spine). I can think of a few little baby girls I could just dress up.  Maybe that’s a better option?!

So, I get this text from a sweet friend, who just happens to have some adorable little girls I could dress up, THANKS CASEY!!!  And she leads me to another daily deal shopping site.  Oh my goodness gracious.  This one is so awesome it overwhelmed me.

Chevron Table Runner with Burlap Ruffle – LAST CHANCE ! HOT BUY

THIS is what I am loving right now from JANE.  I have not sat Steve down to tell him how great of a business investment this would be for holiday gatherings.  I’m sure he will agree.  JANE has got some of the neatest things–and a WIDE variety of different items—women’s and children’s clothing, home décor, and fun things like these Chevron table runners.  What can I say?  I am a sucker for Chevron–mixed with Christmas?  Oh my.  I am hooked.  I LOVE this site.  And I think I will be anxiously awaiting every morning the email to show me the day’s deals.

And if my addictions are not enough—I feel compelled to share once again, a fun little website that I am no doubt addicted to Pinterest Told Me To.     This is seriously so much fun.  When I finally “tried” her advice and ordered some of her must haves, I now trust her completely.  Now, obviously not everything that she recommends is going to work for everybody.  She is ITTY BITTY!!  So, I have to be careful because what looks amazing on her, is going to look different on me.  But she gives you a guide for if you should order a size down or up, etc.  It is fun.  I am SO NOT a fan of selfies of my self, but would like to show you my favorite Must Have Outfit that I got from the Pinterest Told me To site…

The best thing about this outfit is that everything can be worn with other things. So it’s a closet workhorse. The boots? I wear almost every day. Ask Steve. He has been struggling with the black/brown combo—but that’s a conversation for another day. And the white shirt works with ever color of scarf you can come up with. Black jeans? That’s obvious. And the scarf—comfy and a neutral accessory for so many things. Ok. I’m done.