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and then there’s perspective…



The number ONE reason I love children and children’s ministry—they are forgiving, expecting, and gracious.  They aren’t concerned with your decorations or lack thereof.  They aren’t concerned if you have fewer banana split toppings than originally planned.  Or if you do pulled pork instead of hamburgers and hotdogs (ok, maybe some do).  Or if you have 10 crews of 5 or 11 crews of 4 or 12 crews of 6.

They don’t care.

They just want you to love on them.  And this year at our VBS, we have SO many people to love on these kids.  We have so many people who have prayed and are praying for a weekend of leading tender hearts to the love of God.  And really…what more could we ask for?

So when the angst and worry creeps in (like it is beginning to do as we near the final hours of preparation) God pointed me right to what I needed.  Prepare your heart, Steph.  Pray for the kids, the leaders, and the families. 

We would absolutely LOVE to have your children join us for the launching of a mission of God’s love this weekend!  We have lots of activities planned for the families as well as a big celebration Sunday morning with a BBQ to follow.  Won’t you join us and share with others?

Registration is super simple.  Click Here:  https://thehub.ccbchurch.com/form_response.php?id=70


And don’t be afraid of our help… HA!



kids rock.


This fills me.  Completely fills me.

kidjammin kidjammin2 kidjammin3 kidjammin4 kidjammin5 kidjammin6

Energy at it’s finest.  Kids and their families coming to learn together.  It’s what Kid Jam is all about.  Families working on projects, worshiping together, eating together—what’s better?

We tried something new this past week in moving Kid Jam to a Sunday morning to kick off this Easter season.  Many of you have asked me about these Resurrection Gardens we did as a family project.  And I’m here to tell you, PINTEREST is my friend, if you didn’t already know that.  And I have friends who have done this in their own Children’s Ministry and from them, I knew how awesome of a project it was.  Plus they gave me tips!!  (love that.)


Special daddy/daughter time as the rest of the family was home sick with big bro.  Sometimes it’s just really, really cool to be the only one who gets to do the family project, you know?

This is how it all started.  With a terra cotta plate for each family.  And instead of a terra cotta pot, we used a plastic solo cup at the recommendation of another Children’s minister—thanks Sharla!!!  It worked super.  So here is what they went home with yesterday…

kidjammin7 kidjammin8


And here is what it will look like on Easter morning…

So much teaching you can do with this one activity.  The old barren rocks, dirt, and lifelessness—–to the beautiful green and new life PLUS an empty tomb.

I absolutely loved this activity and can’t wait for Easter morning!

And just like our life in Christ, we need to water it daily—whether you are worshiping, praying, going to Sunday school or Wednesday nights—you are growing up in the Lord.  And building a life-giving faith.

All because Jesus made the way possible for you to live forever with Him.


Click {HERE} for the link to the Resurrection Garden project and prepare to be blessed.

lots o’ good…


Did we really just have a 3 day weekend with our kids? I don’t believe it. Not sure how that even happened and here it is Monday morning. Start of a new, fresh week. I like Mondays…I really do. Planning the week is energizing—but putting the plan into action isn’t always that easy. Especially when you’re out of milk…(and eggs, bread, cereal, ummm…grocery store here I come!)

Mondays are great, especially after a weekend of so much good. Not sure I could get a picture that is much happier than this for Kourtney. After hours of intense volleyball, our team dug deep and came home with a Sub-State victory! So fun.  I think she had the time of her life cheering on the lady cats with her big sisters. Pretty awesome.


To get to be a “big kid” and go with her sisters does her heart well. She loved it. And to see the awesome student section cheer the lady cats on to victory? Sweet. It was worth the Sunday morning whining we all endured from a certain 11 year old fan. And the Sunday afternoon, evening and little bit of Monday morning…ha!




The good just continued as we pulled off our first ever Kid Jam at Journey@McPherson. A few glitches for our first time, but overall it was a blast and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

To top it all off…we are getting our grandma back!!  After a week in the hospital, she finally seemed like “herself” last night at our visit.  Praying for a dismissal and continued health this week.

This Monday morning, I am thankful for all of the good.

hit me with your best shot


When I started preparing for our large group session for Journey Kids this week and realized we were working with David and Goliath, I knew EXACTLY who I needed to make this story unforgettable for our kiddos.

Nothing more endearing (to me as a children’s ministry leader) than when adults give of themselves to make an impact on kids. When adults give of themselves and act silly. When adults give of themselves to help teach the true stories of the bible and the love and power of God and Jesus Christ.

I was struck hard today when teaching the Life App—HONOR. Honor is letting someone know you see how valuable they really are. When asking the kids if they have ever felt like they weren’t valuable—and to see the hands go up. My heart just hurt. And I know our job at Journey Kids is to make kids feel and know they are valued.

David was not the “king” we would have thought from the looks on the outside. Out of all of his brothers? No way. He was the youngest, probably weakest, and a shepherd. But God used him in a mighty way. God showed HOnoR to one whom others may have thought not valuable at all. And we see how that turned out in David’s life, don’t we? And David with just a sling and a stone conquered big, huge Goliath!!

This week we are learning to HOnOR others by giving them a chance. We are going to treat others the way we want to be treated.

“Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves.” Romans 12:10.

Thank you, Pete, for your HUGE impact on our kiddos. You were awesome!!

Journey Kids—-Courage—week 2


“When I’m afraid, I will trust in you” Psalm 56:3.

Doesn’t get much better than when the sermon the adults hear is the same bible story the kids hear in Journey Kids. How cool is that? Our kids heard all about Moses in the book of Exodus twice in one day. I think they’re gonna remember this one…

Walking by faith, taking a leap, and following God’s call on your life IS worth the risk!

But sometimes that looks scary. And we are afraid of the unknown. It’s not that easy, right?

Courage…being brave enough to do what you should so, even when you’re afraid.

Journey Kids—Courage —Week 1


Think back to when you were a kid. What were you afraid of? Was it the dark? Was it the boogie man that lived under your bed or in your closet? How about jumping off the diving board at the pool? The first day of kindergarten? First day of high school? Or your first date?

At Journey Kids this month our “Life App” is COURAGE. Being brave enough to do what you should do, even when you’re afraid.

This week the kids learned all about Joseph. I think all of our kids could realize just how scary it was for Joseph as he was growing up with brothers who were jealous, with being sold to slavery, and the many challenges he faced that make our fears pale in comparison. But as Joseph learned, he can be and we can be brave because we know God is with us!

Do you think these kids were brave? Looks like those are spiders and looks to me like the kids are blindfolded. That would be enough to scare me.



Especially when I am unsure of something, I can easily be afraid. Whether it’s trying something new or the fear of the unknown in different situations. It is so good for our kids to hear our fears as parents and adults as well.

If you go to Journey and did not get the Parent Memo, let someone know next week and we’ll get the useful resource packet to you.

For this week:

Ask your kids: What might you miss out on if you let your fears stop you?

Ask a parent: When is a time that the safest choice isn’t the best choice?

Memory Verse: “When I’m afraid, I will trust in you.” Psalm 56:3

what are we gonna do?


To all of my children’s ministry peeps, stay at home moms, moms of preschoolers, and those looking for fun activities for kids with a purpose…I’m sharing an idea I found on Pinterest a couple of years ago.

I’ve done it a couple of times with different groups of kids. It’s an awesome way to share the story and recognize God’s creation. Although, not always a great take home depending on what they find!









At Journey Kids we are starting our 252 Basics back up in a couple of weeks. So, in the meantime–we have a couple of weeks to be um, creative. And sometimes it’s hard to come up with an activity that ages little to not so little enjoy. I think this is a great one.

Duct Tape Creation Bracelets. Click {here} for the original Pinterest link. Basically you make a duct tape bracelet with the sticky side up. Kids take a walk outside and create their bracelets!

Even big kids got in to it…seriously Steve? A living moth? Guess that’s better than Landon’s cigarette butt.

rockin’ the friendship virtue.


We just wrapped up a month at Journey Kids with the FRIENDSHIP virtue—and these two pretty much hit the mark on what it means to be a friend to one another…

These friends ACCEPT one another.  This friend of Landon’s opened his eyes to a whole new world of what it means to live on a farm.  We actually have found an inner farmer in Landon that we never knew existed!  And it’s quite funny, actually. image

After time spent together at Joseph’s house, Landon was ready to get cows.  So what did Steve do?  He got some cows.  And then we named those cows.  And they have since had babies.  And soon we will be eating one of those cows.  (this did not go over well with Kourtney as she had to tell that cow good-bye—seriously miserable!)


R.I.P. Big Mac

Landon was also ready to move back to the farm where we came from.  So what did Steve do?  No, he didn’t move us back to the farm, although he could have because it is up for sale again.  But we all kind of nixed that one.  Landon believes that when you go do anything on the farm, you have to wear boots and these special kind of jeans with a tape measure attached, hat, and anything camo.

So when he has this stuff out?  You know he’s been farming—or planning to.  And for this?  We can thank his friend Joseph. Or perhaps, Duck Dynasty too.  Steve thought he may never have a famer in his only son.

These friends ENCOURAGE one another.  I have the privilege every once in awhile to drive them to basketball practice.  You learn A LOT from listening to backseat conversations, let me tell you.  But, just another area they spend much time together.  And I have definitely heard and seen encouragement from them both.  Something I hope carries out all the way through their years of playing basketball, football, and baseball together.


These friends SERVE with one another.  These are perhaps my favorite pictures of these boys.  They served together at a relief sale a few weeks ago.  I pity the poor gal in charge, because they do like to have fun together, if you know what I mean.  Definitely fun to see them together doing something that did not involve some kind of ball.  HA!


And every Sunday, these boys get to WORSHIP with one another.  Their form of worship?  Shooting baskets in the gym up until the second Sunday school begins.  Then grabbing hot chocolate and orange juice to re-fuel, and sitting side by side during praise and singing, and I have no idea what they may do to Steve during the small group time?  The morning will end with tearing everything down and a few more basketball shots made.  But hey…it’s worship.

Friendship:  spending time with someone you trust and enjoy.  Like I said…I think they hit the mark on this virtue, anyway.  Now the PATIENCE virtue for May?  I am a bit worried about Landon on this one.

a worthwhile investment.


I have realized as I have made my way back into my laundry-filled life, that going to conferences like the one I just attended, always do a great job of sparking the fire and passion within you.  It’s exactly what they are supposed to do. It fills you.  It fulfills you.  And it gets down to the core of who you are and why you do what you do.  I also realize, that the unbelievable communicators can say just about anything they want.  Because, well…they don’t actually pastor you.  They inspire.  They rock.  And they can get by with saying things leaders in our own respective churches just can’t do, for obvious reasons.  I have wrapped my mind around it.  However, I still wonder when you think about children’s and students ministry…image



How does this sound to you?  What does this make you feel like when you hear it?  Wondering if it made the same impact on you when you hear it as it does me…

If your church, or ministry is REALLY invested in kids, there would never be another carwash or bake sale.”—-Perry Noble  {click on his name or click HERE to know more about him}

I am about ready to suggest South Carolina as our vacation destination so we can visit Perry Noble’s church.  No, really.  I am serious.  Guess that tells you what I felt and how I was impacted by that quote, huh.  In fact, I think I may have shouted a VERY LOUD AMEN when I heard that.