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lots o’ good…


Did we really just have a 3 day weekend with our kids? I don’t believe it. Not sure how that even happened and here it is Monday morning. Start of a new, fresh week. I like Mondays…I really do. Planning the week is energizing—but putting the plan into action isn’t always that easy. Especially when you’re out of milk…(and eggs, bread, cereal, ummm…grocery store here I come!)

Mondays are great, especially after a weekend of so much good. Not sure I could get a picture that is much happier than this for Kourtney. After hours of intense volleyball, our team dug deep and came home with a Sub-State victory! So fun.  I think she had the time of her life cheering on the lady cats with her big sisters. Pretty awesome.


To get to be a “big kid” and go with her sisters does her heart well. She loved it. And to see the awesome student section cheer the lady cats on to victory? Sweet. It was worth the Sunday morning whining we all endured from a certain 11 year old fan. And the Sunday afternoon, evening and little bit of Monday morning…ha!




The good just continued as we pulled off our first ever Kid Jam at Journey@McPherson. A few glitches for our first time, but overall it was a blast and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

To top it all off…we are getting our grandma back!!  After a week in the hospital, she finally seemed like “herself” last night at our visit.  Praying for a dismissal and continued health this week.

This Monday morning, I am thankful for all of the good.

we have come full circle.


God works in mysterious ways. And, most of the time–when God’s hands are all over the place—it is years later until you really see it. There are very many examples of this in my own life. And half of it? Is realizing what God is up to. A lot of times, I am a very slow learner. But when I finally see it? Wow. How awesome to see God at work!

I always shutter when I say such and such happened “eight years ago”. That is a LONG time. I remember when “eight years ago” I was still in high school. Or “eight years ago” I was just starting nursing school. Or “eight years ago” I just started my job at the hospital. Or “eight years ago” I had my first baby. And just this last year I said “eight years ago” my last baby of the family was born.

Eight years ago, a good friend of mine came up with a crazy idea for me to help lead kid’s worship at her church in Hutchinson–a nearby town. Believe me when I say it took me awhile to grasp what this would mean for me. Vacation Bible School (VBS) at this church was and still is a HUGE deal. It is their major outreach to the community and there is no holding back—from décor to t-shirts to meals for families—nothing. I had to think long and hard because with four kids in tow, this was going to be something. And a baby boy who was about to turn 1 and had never been in this church nursery—and Kourtney who was too young to be in VBS and a clingy almost 3 year old. It almost didn’t seem worth the hassle. But something spurred me on to at least try it. I mean, the church van was swinging by my house to pick us all up each day—they were making it very hard to say no.

I am so very thankful I said yes. The very first VBS I was involved in was called Group’s Serengeti Trek. And probably one of my favorite of all time. Maybe because it was so much fun and I had never seen a VBS done in that way before? Maybe because it had the most rockin’ theme song “He’s the King”? Maybe because I was so overwhelmed with a church that took Children’s Ministry to a whole new level. A church that hired a Children’s Minister because they recognized how important our young children were to the life of the church.

934957_205456522943131_677683395_nIn one week, Journey @ McPherson will be providing a “Weekend VBS” for kids. We are so looking forward to this, because as we all know—kids outreach is huge. Providing a place where seeds are planted for our youngest makes an impact on the whole family. And that is our goal. To reach new families by showing kids how to grow in friendship with Jesus. When the planning team first met, our Children’s Minister of Journey Mennonite Church was there with full on support and ideas. Do you happen to know who she was? That same Children’s Minister from eight years ago. Talk about coming FULL CIRCLE. God was there and leading and MUCH can happen in eight years!! Again, we were working together towards a common goal—this time in a multi-site of Journey Mennonite Church—Journey @ McPherson!!

We are excited to reach as many children as possible and are getting very excited (and nervous) for this next week ahead. We have been blessed beyond words with a theatre and drama professor who began attending church this summer and he has rocked my world—literally. At our first meeting his ideas and what he put together were amazing. And soon after, he contacted me to let me know he had part of the set done…


And that’s just a teaser. I can not wait to see it all come together!! God’s timing of sending him and his precious family to our church was huge. He also put together some media announcements and advertisements. Maybe not my favorite thing to do, but I loved seeing how he could take us just talking about HAY DAY and turn it into something.

CLICK {HERE} to see our promotional video! (and please don’t make fun of me…please?!)

God has blessed us with marketing people from beautiful flyers and postcards, to organizers (which I definitely need help with), to crafty idea people (I need MORE help with), to a pastor who can “act”, to a middle school who was willing turn the air conditioning on early, to food people, to helpers, to a Children’s minister who has MORE than 8 years of experience (smile Sheri!) and crew leaders that can’t wait to connect with children. I am looking forward to absolutely EVERYONE having their farmer’s hats blessed off of them. Kids and adults alike!

Here is the schedule:

Friday, August 9th 6:00-8:30 pm

With Homemade Ice Cream for families afterwards

1013998_10152988551730201_1759027090_n(seriously, this homemade ice cream is unbelievable–Steve has been using this guy for years at his John Deere events)

Saturday morning, August 10th from 9:00-11:30 am

With a Fresh Sausage and Pancake Feed for families afterwards


(the guys have already scheduled their sausage making next Thursday night!)

Sunday Morning Worship Celebration for ALL with a Special BACKPACK BLESSING as kids head to school.

AND a BBQ and Buggy Rides to follow!!!


Registration is still open!!!! We have room! Please I would LOVE it if you would send the STRESS LEVEL SKY HIGH so I had to scramble and order more t-shirts. Seriously! Make us work!

Register at: www.journeymennonite.org and Click on the Hay Day link.

VBS is for kids ages 4 through 5th grade.

Hope to see you all there!!