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kids rock.


This fills me.  Completely fills me.

kidjammin kidjammin2 kidjammin3 kidjammin4 kidjammin5 kidjammin6

Energy at it’s finest.  Kids and their families coming to learn together.  It’s what Kid Jam is all about.  Families working on projects, worshiping together, eating together—what’s better?

We tried something new this past week in moving Kid Jam to a Sunday morning to kick off this Easter season.  Many of you have asked me about these Resurrection Gardens we did as a family project.  And I’m here to tell you, PINTEREST is my friend, if you didn’t already know that.  And I have friends who have done this in their own Children’s Ministry and from them, I knew how awesome of a project it was.  Plus they gave me tips!!  (love that.)


Special daddy/daughter time as the rest of the family was home sick with big bro.  Sometimes it’s just really, really cool to be the only one who gets to do the family project, you know?

This is how it all started.  With a terra cotta plate for each family.  And instead of a terra cotta pot, we used a plastic solo cup at the recommendation of another Children’s minister—thanks Sharla!!!  It worked super.  So here is what they went home with yesterday…

kidjammin7 kidjammin8


And here is what it will look like on Easter morning…

So much teaching you can do with this one activity.  The old barren rocks, dirt, and lifelessness—–to the beautiful green and new life PLUS an empty tomb.

I absolutely loved this activity and can’t wait for Easter morning!

And just like our life in Christ, we need to water it daily—whether you are worshiping, praying, going to Sunday school or Wednesday nights—you are growing up in the Lord.  And building a life-giving faith.

All because Jesus made the way possible for you to live forever with Him.


Click {HERE} for the link to the Resurrection Garden project and prepare to be blessed.

lots o’ good…


Did we really just have a 3 day weekend with our kids? I don’t believe it. Not sure how that even happened and here it is Monday morning. Start of a new, fresh week. I like Mondays…I really do. Planning the week is energizing—but putting the plan into action isn’t always that easy. Especially when you’re out of milk…(and eggs, bread, cereal, ummm…grocery store here I come!)

Mondays are great, especially after a weekend of so much good. Not sure I could get a picture that is much happier than this for Kourtney. After hours of intense volleyball, our team dug deep and came home with a Sub-State victory! So fun.  I think she had the time of her life cheering on the lady cats with her big sisters. Pretty awesome.


To get to be a “big kid” and go with her sisters does her heart well. She loved it. And to see the awesome student section cheer the lady cats on to victory? Sweet. It was worth the Sunday morning whining we all endured from a certain 11 year old fan. And the Sunday afternoon, evening and little bit of Monday morning…ha!




The good just continued as we pulled off our first ever Kid Jam at Journey@McPherson. A few glitches for our first time, but overall it was a blast and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

To top it all off…we are getting our grandma back!!  After a week in the hospital, she finally seemed like “herself” last night at our visit.  Praying for a dismissal and continued health this week.

This Monday morning, I am thankful for all of the good.