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all over the place.


Emotions are flying high around here. A soon to be high school freshman who, as of this week, has something every evening—giving us just a little taste of what life is going to be for the rest of the years we have her at home. So fun. So exciting to see her involved and thriving—yet, sad that it feels like just yesterday when I was mentally preparing myself for her first day of kindergarten.

We cleaned out closets, as you all know, and I have now retired these…

Little kid hangers.  Why am I getting choked up about little kid hangers?!   My little kids are turning big right before my very eyes. I can’t help but want to turn back time. I shouldn’t. I wrote all about embracing {HErE} just about a year ago to the day. And yet I still have not seemed to come to grips with this concept.

Looking forward to this new year that is really just a few sleeps away. A good friend of mine sent me this picture as she organized for the new school year (she is our Elementary School secretary we love!)

This blessed my whole boo-hoo(ey) day.  Love to see Mary & Martha products being used!!  Thanks Kim for making my day–I LOVE it!!

Speaking of Mary & Martha, be looking for an awesome opportunity for one of you with some rewards I am GIVING AWAY!!!

That should bring a bit of excitement to my roller coaster of emotions…