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I don’t even know exactly what all is on this sale, because I am trying to post this for you all to see before the New Year’s Eve parties begin.  I will tell you, that the candlestick vases which were so HUGELY popular are BACK.  Did you hear that?  They are back!!!  And at the best price ever.  $18 for the pair!!  I bet I have someone ask me each time I have a gathering in my home if they are still available. Well, they are.  But I am here to tell you, things go very quickly.  I will be putting an order in tomorrow for those who find something and want to guarantee you get what you want.  I’m excited to check out everything more closely.  There are some items that are up to 80% off!  Did you hear me?  This is the biggie.  Don’t miss out!  Do you love the Puzzle Card Sets as much as I do?  A way to bless someone 9 times over?  They are ONLY $5!!!!!  You better believe I am stocking up on these.  They are wonderful gifts as well.  And for 5 bucks?  You can’t go wrong.  Ok, ok.  No more talking.  Just take a look…



(actually, ALL charms are on sale)

As always, you can place your order through me.  Or directly through my website.  (link in comments on facebook or comment and I will send to you—wordpress doesn’t allow business links.)

IF you’d like to grab orders of your own, I’ll treat it like your own gathering.  At a $100 order, you get a half price of your choice.  And the rewards just keep getting better from there.  Print out a flyer, show your friends, and be your own hostess—without any hassle!

But HURRY!  Quantities are limited.