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Black Friday faves…

Black Friday faves…

20141127-233139-84699027.jpg1.)  Glasses–imperative after working through the night and staying up all day.

2.)  A Piko Shirt and Leggings with Boots—my “eat as much as you can” attire of choice…


3.)  Thanksgiving dinner—unplugged.  Phones left in the vehicle for hours.  Most glorious thing ever.

20141127-233140-84700248.jpg4.)   Mary & Martha makin’ the friday faves edition once again, and exciting the BLACK FRIDAY FAVE edition.  Check out these sales!!  If you’re local I’m saving you shipping.  And I can still get you a half price item for every $100 spent.  It’s an awesome weekend to shop with “the girls”!

20141127-233140-84700416.jpg5.)  So this text BLESSED me more than anything this week–hands down.  So, if you don’t know Meg, she is my cousin’s sweet little 3 year old.  Who’s obviously been to a few Mary & Martha gatherings in her precious young life.  Oh my goodness.  I just love her.  Look at little Miss Thang!!!


6.)  The Mary & Martha popcorn boxes are just PERFECT for sharing the “all you can eat” popcorn at the theatre.  Come to think of it, we had a family movie Saturday afternoon last weekend.  And we NEVER go to movies on a Saturday afternoon.  It rocked.


20141127-233237-84757486.jpgAnd I especially love it when popcorn counts as dinner.  SCORE!


20141127-233237-84757963.jpg7.)  Black Friday shopping with my computer.  Who knows?  I may run around a bit this afternoon…but for now, I have NO WHERE TO GO.  And I am loving it.


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