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yes, yes and more YES– friday faves.

yes, yes and more YES– friday faves.

Linking up the Friday faves with Andrea and friends…


Of course, the is my favorite of all time…

Just when I thought I could not love this any more, I listened to this video on how the whole story in song came to be.  The most powerful of this production is that it is all through song.  Now add some children in to act out the story…

I am in love.

1.)  The Story Behind Behold the Lamb of God


2.) These two songs–amazing.


3.)  I have learned how to embed videos into this blog, instead of the “click here” with a link.  I apologize, I am going a bit crazy and just a tad proud of myself…  HA!  😉

4.)  These boys looking intense at their tournament, don’t  you think?  Pure joy from those two basketball buddies.  I never asked what was so funny–because I am pretty sure I do NOT want to know.          bballfriends

5.)  Our church has provided gifts for two families of kids–so excited they are going to wake up to everything on their wish list!!   And a gift of sweet Baby Ruth to snuggle each Sunday morning

   journeygifts babyruth

6.)  And another gift…my Mary & Martha team.  I was getting my Christmas greetings ready to send to them and couldn’t help but think that this time last year, there were just a handful who joined me in this business and ministry.  And this year, it took me most of my morning to get these all ready to send!!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this special group of women sharing Jesus in the home with many across the United States!!


7.)  Carolers.


5.)  Chocolate Peppermint Whoopie Pies


I have had more fun making whoopie pies  this year.  It’s weird.  I never make whoopie pies.  But, they freeze really well and paired with our cuter than cute foil pans, I can pull them out of the freezer on a whim.  Like I did for those precious carolers above.  (now, they probably had to split them in half for everyone to have a bite…oops.)

6.)  Mary & Martha foil pans.  Need I say more?  They are cute.

foilpans7.)  Speaking of carolers.  Our annual caroling party is coming up.  This started because when we first started having kids, I began dreaming of how to make Christmas magical for them.  And for me, a caroling party with friends and family blessing others with singing, and then celebrating the season together was what it was for me.  And Steve got on board.  And our families got on board.  And our friends got on board.  And 12 years later, I finally figured out a fun invitation… (SMILEBOX may be my new addiction)



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bake it off, bake it off!


What’s more inviting on a 100 + degree day than to heat up your oven for 8 hours? 😉. So, not my typical favorite baking weather—but it was still fun–and my freezer is getting happier and happier about the start of school.  Have you heard Taylor Swift’s new song Shake it Off ?  That was our kitchen jam yesterday.  And then I heard some of the words, and decided we needed a new rendition—-Bake it Off—like it?

A major pantry clean out was on my list for the week, but I have changed my plan and think I’ll save that for a day next week when the kids are gone. So instead we just baked our faces off for a few hours yesterday.

Four recipes of our absolute favorite muffin ever (going to share at Tonya’s Weekend Potluck) and these bars from Mix and Match Mama. But you know what was even more fun than the baking? Using my new Mary & Martha foil pans!!! Oh my–my new addiction.

I can not wait for the after football game get togethers with chili in my crockpot and a pan of these easily ready to pull out of my freezer. Or the next time I need to take a meal to a friend and my dessert is already waiting for me. And besides that—they are stinkin’ cute. Right?!!  And I have to admit, we need “something sweet” pretty frequently around here.  Three pans in the freezer will at least get us started—and the extra pan it made was quickly consumed with just a little bit waiting for Steve when he gets home this evening.

These foil pans are just part of the new Mary & Martha fall product line up.  And there’s much more that will be featured at my FACEBOOK Fall Product Launch tomorrow evening (Thursday, August 28) at 9:00 pm.  Won’t you join me?  It’s going to run VERY quick.  Videos are going to be VERY unprofessional.  But we are going to have VERY much fun!  And I’ve got some foil pans to giveaway…

Click here to join or RSVP through facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/646397468791030/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

And the best part?  All you need is a computer, pajamas, a cup of your favorite drink, and go ahead—eat a snack too while you’re at it.  It’s a party, remember?