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SAVE the DATE–January 8


Man, I love it when things rhyme, don’t you?!  HA!

Wednesday, January 8th will be another ALL DAY long customer appreciation gathering.  Guessing my family’s favorite soup will be on the menu and chocolate covered cherries will be showing themselves for the dessert bash portion of the evening.  Invitation and flyer are coming soon.  I’ve already named this gathering.  Ready for it?


That’s right.  I’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop.  And it has.  In a BIG, BIG, way.  He wants the stuff GONE.  He wants his loft back.  And I don’t blame him.  So soon, I promise, I will have pictures and super prices on Mary & Martha inventory and maybe even some cool Dayspring items that need new homes.

Do you know why this is happening?  Did you know that in less than 3 weeks I get to go back to San Antonio to see what is new in Mary & Martha products for 2014?


Did you know that Mary & Martha is having their HUMONGOUS SEMI-ANNUAL Sale beginning January 1st?

No, you didn’t know that.  Because I don’t have all of the details until tomorrow.

So you’re gonna want to come back.  I promise you, you do.

And…you’re gonna want to mark Wednesday, January 8th.  I promise you, you do.

And you’re gonna want to schedule a gathering, I promise you, you do.  Because these sale prices are crazy.  And things go quickly.  And you could earn some free and half-price product and use your Christmas $$.  And you’ll have much left over to spare.  Because these prices are incredible.

For a teaser on MY inventory—anyone looking for the weathervane?

Blessings Unlimited weathervane

Yellow vases?  Taupe vases? Small lazy susan?  COFFEE anyone?

Jewelry—including one more pair of Cross Hoop Earrings (my fave–I just found an extra!!)

Praying you were blessed this Christmas and that you are as excited as I am to jump into 2014!!

(and wouldn’t it be great to get ALL of your Christmas shopping done for next year?  We can dream, right!)