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black friday sneak peek…(and PRE-ORDERS!!)


I don’t know about you, but I have never participated in Black Friday shopping.  My girls just BEG me to go.    But we never have.  They think the thought of getting up (or never going to bed) and joining the craziness sounds like a blast.  I think it sounds miserable and am super excited to stay in my flannel pants, slippers, and drink coffee while shopping from my computer.  And for those of you who love Black Friday shopping?  Power to you!!  There’s something about getting a great deal and the thrill of the hunt, and Starbucks, and shopping with your friends.  I can totally see it.  But, I’m staying in.

  That being said, I DO participate in BLACK FRIDAY with my Mary & Martha business and WILL be taking orders and pre-orders this week!!

Mary & Martha just announced the BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS running not only on Black Friday, but all through the weekend!  And one of my guests favorites has made the list.  And I think it’s going to sell out first (just my humble prediction) and therefore, I feel the need to offer pre-orders for the best chance at getting your items.  Is the suspense killing you yet?  What exactly are the Black Friday Mary & Martha Specials?


What would be your guess at which will sell out first?  Which item do I sell at least one of at every gathering?

That Jute Tablerunner.  I’ve got to admit.  It is awesome.

And so is the Cookbook Stand for those special cooks in your life.

And the Kitchen Caddy.  Who doesn’t love that Kitchen Caddy?


Flash Sale With Thunder and Stars on Blue Background vector illustration - stock vector

As with any FLASH SALE goes, quantities are limited.

So, the BEST possible chance you have at getting what you want, is to PRE-ORDER with me.  (And if you’re local, you’ll get to save on shipping too)

Or, get your order in ASAP once the sale begins on Friday.

And don’t forget…our guest special is still in effect through this FLASH SALE.

10682241_869591576393544_8118021851462059898_oWouldn’t it be fun to get this for HALF OFF and set out this year for Christmas?


Contact me to PRE-ORDER today.  620.386.0203 call/text or email ssnkklk@gmail.com

Business page in links to order directly.

looking to bless 5 or more!!!

looking to bless 5 or more!!!

I just woke up after working last night with some sweet mamas and babies.  And then I take a look at my week in front of me and think how in the world are we going to make it through this week?  And then I remember this beautiful cup of goodness and the beautiful rising sun of a new day, and know God has brought me to this place.  And HE will be right beside me cheering us on to do what he has called us to do.  This is THE most anticipated cup of coffee.  It’s an early morning tradition and reward after working through the night and I start looking forward to it at about 5:00 am.  Seriously, I am generally skipping out the doors knowing this cup is going to be my best friend for my drive home.  I love it.


20141110-150618-54378496.jpgBut enough about my coffee.

Hostess Rewards are bountiful this month.  But time is running out.  It’s hard to schedule gatherings when you know you’re going to be hosting Thanksgiving in your home.  It’s hard to schedule gatherings when you are working extra to pay for Christmas.  It’s hard to schedule gatherings when school programs and musicals and sports practices start gearing up.


And I have a solution for you.  So YOU too can take advantage of the abundant goodness Mary & Martha is offering to our hostesses this month.  And?  It’s super easy for you.

I am looking for 5.  FIVE!!!  Five people who would love to host but for one reason or another it just doesn’t work into their schedule.  I’m looking for 5 (or more) people to take some catalogs to work, to your Thanksgiving dinners, to your friends at the school program, your hair stylist…anywhere and everywhere.

What’s in it for you, you ask?  Well first of all, let’s take a look at the specials…


Crazy good, right?

Well, I’m just about to make it even sweeter.

For every $500 in catalog orders that YOU gather, you will get a Kitchen Caddy from me.  FREE!!!  (a $38 value)

That’s not all.  With a minimum of 5 hostesses gathering $500 in orders one hostess will get the nativity.  For FREE!  ($190 value)

This is a great deal.  And I have no limit to my hostesses.  BUT, there is a deadline.  All orders must be gathered, collected and ordered by November 30th.


Call or text 620.386.0203, email ssnkklk@gmail.com, or comment here or on facebook.