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18 and counting…


It’s my day. And what strikes me the most about this vacation is…18 meals TOgETher!!!! Say what?! All of us together at a table or a nature made picnic table. And we’re not even done yet. It has been the best part of our week for me.

Togetherness…something that is hard to come by with our jobs and activities. It has made me all the more intent on finding a way to get back around our table. Especially as we look to the school year. When we are gone to activities in the evening? An intentional sit down breakfast around the table together. I want to make it happen. These past 18 meals have shown me what we have been missing. And an extra hour of sleep is not worth it if it means it’s our only meal together that day. Now to hold myself accountable to this!

We spent our day at Mesa Verde National Park. Completely fascinating!! Looking first hand at a civilization from so long ago. And the girls were excited that we got in a good deal of hiking. Again! Ha!







Steve and I have had some early morning talks. Some hard talks –mostly due to the realization that we have only four summer vacations left before Natalie heads to college. Where and what we need to do before we are at that point because it is going to be here before we know it.

And then, both of us got to experience this…



A little boy who thinks he’s pretty big most of the time—-that still wants to hold his Mom and Dad’s hand. I do not EVER want to lose those memories and praying that it’s not a “last”.