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hope for the redeemed.


I’m a little bit anxious for tomorrow.  Not only is it June 1st, a beginning of a new month–but, it means there are exciting new hostess and guest promotions for Mary & Martha.  And if that weren’t enough?  They’ve even added an additional sweet sale.  Are you ready for this?


First of all, the June guest promotions rock.  They have introduced a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that is available with a $50 order.  I love it and can’t wait to get it on my kitchen table…


Isn’t that the sweetest jar?


It seriously needs to come live in my home.  On my table.  In my bathroom.  Around the kitchen.  You know…every room could use one.  And the greatest thing about it?


It’s only $8 with a $50 purchase!!!



I’ve got lots of ideas for a $50 purchase.  And then I received this flyer in my email and it sealed the deal for me…


That right there is rolls of fun, I’m telling you.

If you’ve thought about these napkins, love the fun colors, and wanted a discount?  It’s your lucky next couple of months.  And that sweet jar?  Can be yours too.  Or a coffee scoop—which are one of the coolest items we have too.

See why I’m excited for June?

the message behind it all.


I woke up today a little bit overwhelmed.  It happens to me all the time—and sometimes I think I may even thrive on it?  That sounds like a problem, doesn’t it…

A TO-DO list a mile long.  Almost to the point of not knowing where to begin.   A child not feeling good again.  And I’m stuck dead in my tracks here trying to make a plan.  And believe it or not?  My planners (both of them) are not helping me out one bit.

Brewed up some coffee and just took some time.  Jesus Calling  I am quite sure was written for me as God has my days planned out through the year.  Even though I am going on my second year of this wonderful devotional, and I miss days here and there, and I’m reading some days over again, He is still speaking to me through it.

Today it begins… “Trust me enough to spend ample time with Me, pushing back the demands of the day”…and it goes on to say “you will find that you can accomplish more in less time, after you have given yourself to ME in rich communion”.  And…”don’t fall into the trap of being constantly on the go.  Many, many things people do in My Name have no value in My kingdom.”  But then get this—-here’s the verse!~ “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her”—Luke 10:41-42.


Hmmm.  That is amazing to me.  And just another affirmation of where God is leading me in Mary & Martha.  Not only as a business, but as a ministry.


This has led me to something I learned at our Leadership conference.  And it’s something I’ve known all along—that our products are “message-driven”.  But until I heard it said in a different way, did it ever make as much sense to me.


Or course, we love the products.  The products are intriguing.  They are lovely.  And they are developed with the MESSAGE in mind first.  The verse, scripture reference, the blessing, etc—all of that, is where it begins.  That pretty much rocks.  And sometimes even, like with our coffee and more specifically in our new Napkins and Placemats on a Roll, there is a story.  And sometimes that story holds the message and what God is doing through His people.

The Napkins on a Roll are the most talked about new product.  Anticipated, intriguing, confusing?  It’s all in there. Just the other day I was questioned on “how are they disposable AND reusable”?   Click HERE for a little video explaining it a bit further.  And we’re making it really easy for the month of February to try them out–in all the fun colors.  It’s our guest special—so with a $50 Mary & Martha order, you get a roll of these for only $18.

You’re gonna love the story behind them.  The story of a widowed mother providing for her five children so many years ago.  And the impact and legacy she has left.

I’m excited for Wednesday.  A chance for my “peeps” to see some of these fun things for themselves.  And a chance for me to love on them.  I am setting up an “event” for easy ordering if you want to get in on the fun, but can’t get here because plane flights are expensive (ha!), or your roads are bad, or your kids are sick, or you just want to stay in your warm house.  Click HERE. 

Remember our guest special is Napkins on a Roll for only $18!!  (with a $50 purchase)