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a worthwhile investment.


I have realized as I have made my way back into my laundry-filled life, that going to conferences like the one I just attended, always do a great job of sparking the fire and passion within you.  It’s exactly what they are supposed to do. It fills you.  It fulfills you.  And it gets down to the core of who you are and why you do what you do.  I also realize, that the unbelievable communicators can say just about anything they want.  Because, well…they don’t actually pastor you.  They inspire.  They rock.  And they can get by with saying things leaders in our own respective churches just can’t do, for obvious reasons.  I have wrapped my mind around it.  However, I still wonder when you think about children’s and students ministry…image



How does this sound to you?  What does this make you feel like when you hear it?  Wondering if it made the same impact on you when you hear it as it does me…

If your church, or ministry is REALLY invested in kids, there would never be another carwash or bake sale.”—-Perry Noble  {click on his name or click HERE to know more about him}

I am about ready to suggest South Carolina as our vacation destination so we can visit Perry Noble’s church.  No, really.  I am serious.  Guess that tells you what I felt and how I was impacted by that quote, huh.  In fact, I think I may have shouted a VERY LOUD AMEN when I heard that.