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You’ve heard of Mary & Martha right?  You’ve probably first and foremost seen the beautiful products.  To be completely honest with you, that is exactly what attracted me to Mary & Martha (formerly Blessings Unlimited) just a year and a half ago.

It has become so much more than I ever expected.  I really had no expectations—other than I loved the products and thought others would as well.  And did they ever!  There has not been a week that has gone by that an opportunity has not presented itself—whether it’s a gathering scheduled, a sale made, or a sponsoring opportunity offered.  Because of this, God’s leading is apparent and I’m going to keep on going strong as long as He continues to lead me here in this place—for this season.

Mary & Martha believes so strongly in spreading the love and message of Jesus into the homes of women.  It’s obvious.  Obvious because of the huge SPONSORING Flash Event coming up this next weekend—-November 8, 9, and 10.  If you have ever felt the nudge.  If you have ever heard a whisper.  If you have ANY inkling or desire to take a risk in something new.  In owning your own business—a business of combining your work and your faith.  A business of equipping women to bring others into their homes to share the love of relationship with others and with Jesus, THIS is for you.  And I’d love to have you join my team in spreading the love of Jesus to others, one home at a time.


If that isn’t enough, there is a huge opportunity for you to earn an incredible amount of free product.  And who couldn’t use that during this time of the year?  Beautify your own home, or get a super start on Christmas shopping.

Contact me for more info.  I would love to talk with you!

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