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ten men


Ten men came to Jesus, ten men, ten men.

They said “will you heal us?”–ten men, ten men.

One, two, three, four, five…


Six, seven, eight, nine, ten…


Jesus touched their lives and they were well again!!!

Then they all got excited!!! And they all ran away!!!

But ONE turned around.  And what did he say?

“Thank you, thank you Jesus. Thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you.”

It’s so, so easy to take all that we have been given for granted.  Just like in the bible story, ten men needed and asked for healing.  And ten men were healed, but ONLY one thanked Jesus.  There are BIG things to be thankful for and there are little things to be thankful for.  How often do we miss the opportunity to give thanks?   As we approach this week of Thanksgiving, what have you thanked Jesus for?

meet me, the hypocrite.


This week has been devoted to Mary & Martha and I have loved having friends in my home—and last night—sharing in the home of a sweet girl I met a couple of months ago.  Sharing with her friends–most of whom have little kiddos (they were part of a MOPS group).  Walking into her home and seeing her fridge covered with colorful ABC magnets, toy bins tucked away nicely to make room for her friends, a family and weather calendar above her kitchen table, and pictures of four sweet children.  She was in the kitchen when I arrived, getting all of her goodies arranged to serve her guests, whipping up homemade whipped cream, and brewing coffee.  Each guest as they arrived, made their way straight into the kitchen.  Some bringing goodies of their own to share.  And once everyone got there—no more bustling around in the kitchen.  Elizabeth (the hostess) was there in the midst of and completely attentive to her guests.  It was truly a Mary & Martha moment right before my very eyes.  Elizabeth was living in the &.

I was reflecting on the things that I share at a gathering.  Mostly, testimonies of products and how they have blessed others.  Also, my own particular products that I love—because, honestly–you’ve got to love what you’re selling to sell.  Or at least I do.  (That’s why Steve never hired me on as a John Deere salesman–I’d never sell a thing—or was it that he couldn’t handle working alongside me???)

I have talked about one of the writer’s for Dayspring, Ann Voskamp, made famous for her book One Thousand Gifts.  Click (HERE) to read all about her.  She is a beautiful writer.  I know that. I have seen and read and been captivated by her many quotes.  This one in particular during this month of thankfulness…

What if the question around holiday tables wasn’t—What are you so grateful for?  But rather–How are you changing the world because you are so grateful?”–Ann Voskamp

My point is this.  She’s awesome.  I love her writing.  I love her depth and wisdom.  And I have been selling her Family Gratitude Journal through Mary & Martha for the last year and a half and talking about how wonderful it is to use in your family.


(photo from Erica Stidham showing our awesome wooden placemat as well!)

The thing is?  I had never used it.  Until I saw a mentor Mary & Martha leader of mine post about how life changing it has been for her.  And I was convicted and flooded with emotion that how can I stand up at gatherings and pump up this journal when I am not even using it myself?  Hypocrite.

Well, guess what?  I am now using it.  And it is amazing.  Amazing to change the way you think.  In this season as we begin to make list after list–and we ask for list after list from kiddos and others we are going to be gifting, this brings so much perspective on gifts.  The ultimate gift-giver himself, who died to save us.  What are we thankful for?

As the kids, Steve, and I were going through and listing some things on the way to the airport, things just rolled off of our tongues.  How wonderful to gain perspective daily, that even waking up each morning is a gift for the day.  The sunrise, the beautiful fall temps allowing our kids to play outside without jackets in November, the coffee brewing on early mornings, and meals around the table in between sports seasons.

I am thankful that someone was using their journal not just talking about how wonderful it would be to use it.  And gave me my own personal reason to sell something I love—not just something I think others will love…