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I think I can, I think I can


Natalie’s perspective for day 2…

We started our day out with yummy berry pancakes made by none other than, dad. He was pretty proud of himself!

After breakfast we all hopped in the car, getting ready to drive to Silverton! About 45 min drive from Ouray. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy glancing outside of the car and seeing a shear drop down! I cannot even explain how freaked out mom was……..we needed to bring an extra pair of clothes for her and I, just saying! We did end up getting to Silverton safe!

Silverton is a cute little town with lots of the same exact shops right by each other! We spent an hour looking around until finally, train time! I had never been on a train before so I was super excited! We got on the train and we were off!

The ride was 3.5 hrs long! That seems like a long time but when you are surrounded by God’s creation, you loose track of time! It was gorgeous. Apart from the scenery, Kassidy and I had a good talk. We haven’t had that sister to sister talk for quite some time so it was nice to catch up! Then mom joined in…… Go figure! I really did enjoy talking with both of them without the other three interrupting! To be honest, I am not quite sure where Landon, kourtney, and dad were at but I really could have cared less!

A few hours passed and we finally had made it to our destination, Durango! We are just chugging along through town when we get another surprisingly hilarious view, can I say HARD CORE MOON! This guy gets out if the car and yells at us to look, and he moons the whole train! Dad and I were dying! It was hilarious and disturbing.

We stopped finally after 3.5 hrs and headed straight for a restraunt! We ended up at a Mexican place….not my favorite! By the time we got our food, everyone was getting antsy because the bus that was supposed to take us back to Silverton came at 7! We got off the train around 6:15! Dad was on a mission to get our food and GO! We made it with 3 minutes to spare!

Our ride back to Silverton was long and well, we were on the edge of our seats! The driver drove right on the edge. I am talking shear drop down at 11,000 ft! We were not impressed! He got us back to Silverton alive so I guess I should stop complaining!

We got off the bus at Silverton and headed to a little ice cream shop across from the bus, mom sprinted to the car! We got our ice cream got in the car and headed back to Ouray! Made it back safe and are happy with how our day went! ”