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life lessons are creeping in.



Opportunities that lead to lifelong friendships~~are just awesome. Boys are boys. The same things that make Landon laugh make these boys laugh. Get them together and you never know what will happen? Work hard and play hard, these boys love to play basketball together. It’s a season we’re in over here. Never would I had thought basketball would bring new friendships and relationships, but it most definitely has.


There will come a time when these boys go their separate ways and play on their own school teams. And they may even play each other some day–who knows? But for now, they are family. Learning to be a team. So many things in our lives center around a team, not only in sports. There are life lessons in winning and losing. Life lessons in playing to make your team look better while maybe not being the top scorer that game. Life lessons in doing your very best and in giving up. Life lessons in celebration and heartache. It’s in criticism and praise.

This is only basketball…but I think they are learning much more than dribbling, fast breaks, lay-ups, free throws, offense and defense. Life lessons seem to creep into life in unexpected ways. And basketball, for Landon, seems to be a pretty fun way…