sweet sixteen


The 5 lb 15 oz bundle of pink happiness that made my dream of becoming a mommy come true…16 years ago! Now that bundle can drive mostly –still need to look at the regulations on that. That happened too quick that it hurts. And hasn’t she grown into such a lovely lady?

Can you spot the sweet thing?

I was gonna say that!

I was gonna say that!


Don’t miss this opportunity!  Begin your own Mary & Martha business and ministry NOW!


This was a risk for me over 2 years ago.  Seriously, it was.  Never in my mind did I believe I would ever be in direct selling (even with a rockstar Tupperware grandma!).  But, I loved these products and the messages they brought to my home SO much, I decided it was worth the risk.  And actually–Steve decided for me that it was worth the risk.  “You might as well sell, Steph.  You’re buying enough from them!”


Obviously, I did it.  Obviously, I love it.  Obviously, I’d love to share this opportunity and grow our team far and wide!  Our sales director, Kim Marquette said it so well in her blog, I have figured I’m going to let you see for yourself.

Click HERE.

If you could meet Kim, you’d join.  I promise you.  And if you join?  You’ll meet Kim.  Ask me how.  :)


Opportunity call is tonight!!  Get on!  Check it out!  Nobody will know you are there, I promise.


bleu cheese is what??

bleu cheese is what??

Just face it–spirit week when you’re in high school is crazy fun. But when you’re a middle schooler? Holy moly…your life just doesn’t get much better.

Until, the morning of, you’re all dressed up for your class “salad dressing” (seriously, how cute is that?) and you realize that bleu cheese dressing is actually white, not blue. Uhhhhhh.20141020-075721-28641586.jpg

another last calls for celebration!

another last calls for celebration!

We were talking with Kourtney last night that it was her last volleyball game today. And she then informed me that it was her very last rec volleyball game ever! “I get to play junior high games next year”. Oh yeah…that’s right. My baby girl is completing her rec  volleyball tomorrow–wahhhh! 😥20141018-075605-28565211.jpg
And although not near as pretty as the picture from Mix and Match Mama’s blog–I do believe from a taste test, that these whoopie pies are pretty delicious. And a perfect way to end another season of our life. Because sweet things are in the future, right?

If you need an easy, yummy, sweet little treat, try out these recipes!!  Thanks Mix and Match Mama!  We have two more winners!

Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies

Oatmeal Cream Whoopie Pies

friday faves

friday faves

1.)  As much as I love to get up and get my workout done–for some reason this week, I could.not.do.it. Therefore I declare my bed a favorite. I am choosing to listen to my body this week–but back to early mornings next week!

2.) Nothing better than a clean house and laundry finished going into a weekend. So a clean house on Friday? Definitely a fave. The wood floor is cleaned–but I’ve got a little ways to go. But if I get this task done? You can bet we will all have a better weekend. (Note-the kids are in charge of their rooms and bathrooms!)

3.) The Best Yes. My new bible study I am loving… Click here to see why.

4.) And of course, no Friday fave is complete without the newest development in Mary & Martha! Sponsoring promotion coming our way next Tuesday! Exciting because of the three wonderful ladies I’ve been talking with about joining my team. And exciting because of the others I don’t even know about yet!

There is more to come on this–but for now, if you have any interest in this business and ministry–there will be no lower risk than now. Seriously–can not even tell you how your investment will return–and then some!! 😉

5.) Baked steak. My family’s fave. It’s what’s for Sunday’s dinner. And it’s already thawed which means I have to use it. This recipe was featured at Tonya’s weekend potluck last year and has been viewed multiple times, shared on Pinterest daily, and I still get questions about it to this day.  Want the recipe?  You can check it out here.

6.)  I was invited to an Origami Owl party. I am needing a new lanyard. They just came out with new lanyards! I got myself a lanyard. And I can hardly wait to work this weekend so I can wear it. In fact–I almost wished I had been called in last night while on call so I could wear it. But this still looked pretty good…

And finally—because I am beginning to bore myself, I can’t imagine where you may be…

7.) There were three girls who had musical practice early this morning. And one was as happy as she has ever been in the morning. The other two–not so much.  So the happy kid is the fave today.  HA! (just kidding–kind of.)

Happy Friday, friends!


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why didn’t I start sooner?

why didn’t I start sooner?

About a month ago, this book came across my laptop as I was working.  At the time, just the title was so intriguing to me.  So intriguing to me that I decided right then and there that I needed that book.  I needed to know exactly what this book was talking about.  I had my own idea, which has now been confirmed.  But this pull for this book was so strong, I knew I would get the book in my hands as quickly as possible.  I had it reserved at a book store ready to pick up.  And then, another task led me somewhere else that day.  Only to find the book—the last available—sitting there looking at me, at Target, no less.

The Best Yes–by Lysa Terkeurst


And further into this book, I signed up for an online bible study.  And did nothing with it.

What was I scared of?  I have had decisions and many choices reeling around in my head.  What happens with the two most powerful words of “yes” and “no”.  Where am I headed?  What are my goals?  And more importantly–what am I missing by overfilling my schedule with good things, but not the best.  Are there things that I need to give up in order to move others in?  And that question of “am I in the way?”


I love this.  It rings so true for me.  After sleepless nights of decision-making of a really menial thing, I am wondering why I didn’t start this bible study much sooner.  My own circumstance in listening for God’s voice this past few weeks was my own exercise in preparation for this study.

And I kick myself believing I could have saved myself some heartache.  I just have so much to learn.

The one who obeys God’s instruction for today will develop a keen awareness of His direction for tomorrow”–Lysa Terkeurst, The Best Yet.

I don’t want an “overwhelmed schedule” to cause me to “ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul”.

I am so looking forward to all this book has to offer in “checking the third box” in my life.  Not yes, not no…

but the “best yes”.

power in sisterhood

power in sisterhood

And so ends the JV volleyball year with my setter and my hitter. Kourtney has traveled to many games to watch her sisters play. And I think there’s a part of her that thinks it’s really cool to NOT have a sibling on her team. Because when we go watch Kourtney play–we are only watching Kourtney play. And let’s face it–when you are one of four kiddos—it’s pretty awesome when you get to be the center of attention.

And then it dawned on us all—but it really clicked for Kourtney as she was talking with the girls and we watched the varsity girls warm up—that she will get to be playing volleyball with Kassidy when Kass is a senior and she is a freshman. Now, we all kind of knew it, because obviously they are 3 years apart in school. But it was made very real for Kourtney last night. And let me tell you, I wish I could capture the sparkle in her eyes.

The power of sisterhood–something I have never known but get to experience. Awesome.



I can almost bet that everyone could name one person who has been affected by cancer in their lives.  And even more specifically, this month of October, where we honor those affected by breast cancer.  Not unlike many of you, I have had people close to me who have conquered this ugly disease.  Whether it be breast cancer or another type of cancer, some consultants of Mary & Martha are excited to share our new CELEBRATE cardholder in honor of survivors of cancer.  For this month only—OCTOBER—I am paying tax and shipping on our CELEBRATE cardholder.  And I have a super idea for you.  Why not write a few cards to attach to this cardholder in honor of the special person receiving this gift.  Love this idea.  And love the two survivors in my family and can’t wait to get this gift ordered for them.


This offer is available to ANYONE who is looking to celebrate the life of a cancer survivor.  Contact me to order.  620.386.0203, email ssnkklk@gmail.com, or find me on my facebook business page–click HERE.


said it before and I’ll say it again…


THIS is quite possibly the best advice/invention/use for my cheese shredder…thank you to the Today show or Rachael Ray, or some other cooking show.

Because when you have to wear a dirty jersey to your game, you have one clean knee pad and one stinky, and there is total mayem to start your incredibly busy Saturday—at least, if your butter is hard as a rock and you need to spread it on an English muffin—we have a solution.